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GDP: Understanding cyber security and risk

National Cyber Security Centre, Nova South, 160 Victoria Street, SW1E 5LB
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University Governors and Cyber Security: Introducing NCSC’s New Resource to Help University Governors Get to Grips with Cyber Security is a 2.5 hour interactive workshop that will look at cyber security in general and then explore three specific topics in more detail. It will consider governors’ role in seeking the assurance they need to be confident about their institution’s cyber resilience and/or to drive improvements.

•    To improve governors’ understanding of the cyber threats facing Higher Education 
•    To introduce the Cyber Security Toolkit for Boards as a key resource for university governors
•    To look in some depth at three specific modules of the toolkit (see objectives)
•    To explore how governors can ensure cyber security is being appropriately prioritised by their board

In December, Advance HE and the NCSC held an initial roundtable to discuss the importance of cyber security in Higher Education and how this is a governor responsibility.

This second workshop looks at the topic in a more focused way, looking specifically at three sections of the NCSC’s newest product, The Cyber Security Toolkit for Boards.

The toolkit is an extensive online library written to give board members the information they need to ensure that their organisation is able to meet the many challenges of living and working online. Although initially conceived as a resource for major corporate boards, its remit was then broadened out to include boards of governors and trustees in many different areas.

As well as giving board members the background information they need, each of the nine modules of the toolkit includes a number of questions that readers might want to ask to help them to understand ‘good’ cyber security might look like in their organisation.

The toolkit will be regularly updated and expanded, so this session will also be an opportunity for NCSC to get feedback about how it is working and what might be developed further.

How is the workshop delivered

After a general introduction to cyber security and its relevance to Higher Education, and also to the Toolkit for Boards, we’ll move on to focus on three specific modules that will be of particular relevance to universities.

Attendees will be encouraged to read these sections in advance and, ideally, to begin to think about some of the questions posed at the end of each module.  

The Round Table will be held in the morning of Tuesday 4 June 2019 at the NCSC head office in London, the session will be run by members of NCSC’s Education & Academic Engagement Team who work specifically to improve the cyber resilience of the UK’s schools, colleges and universities. Q&A’s will be facilitated by a senior member of Advance HE.


1.    To explore how governors can establish a baseline of the university’s technical estate and identify what of this is most crucial

2.    To better understand the changing nature of the cyber threat within the sector and the relevance of this for each particular institution

3.    To consider how universities should be planning their response to future cyber incidents, and the role that governors should play in this


•    To enable governors from different institutions to learn from each other’s perspectives and experience

•    For individual governors to have a clear sense of what they need to do next to ensure a clear focus on cyber security

•    To enable NCSC staff to collect feedback about the Toolkit to inform its continued development