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Getting to Grips with Senior Fellowship

Dundee, Apex City Quay Hotel
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The Getting to Grips with Senior Fellowship workshop is an invaluable opportunity for those who are thinking of – or are in the process of – applying for SFHEA to gain expert guidance and support in the process.

It will provide space for reflection and examination of practice as well as for discussion and feedback. It aims to support delegates to collaborate and learn from each other in their journey towards and beyond Senior Fellowship, and to consider its potential impact on theirs and others’ practice for the overall benefit of students.

Learning Outcomes

This workshop will support those in academic roles and those who teach and/or support learning in professional services to apply for Senior Fellowship; in particular it will enable them to:unpack SFHEA requirements to examine their own practice;

  • reflect on the extent to which they are influencing and impacting on the work of others for the benefits of students;
  • consider what a successful claim looks like, learning from others in the sector; and
  • contemplate the difference SFHEAs can and do make to the landscape of HE in Scotland, and wider afield.

Content Outline

The workshop will provide space for delegates to consider:

  • Who am I? What do I do?
  • Unpacking SFHEA: what is it really about? What aspects aren’t clear?
  • Can I meet SFHEA requirements?
  • What might a successful claim look like? What are the key components? What are the traps and potential obstacles?
  • What about the referees? What do I need to think about?
  • What difference do SFHEAs make to the HE landscape in Scotland and wider afield? Could we do more?
  • What’s next for me?

Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for individuals who are thinking about making a claim against Advance HE’s Senior Fellowship requirements, and those who have already begun the process. It welcomes individuals who intend to apply directly to Advance HE, and those who are engaging in institutional schemes. It is tailored to facilitate focus on individuals employed in academic roles and those who teach and/or support learning in professional services. It will have particular relevance for those from a Scottish context and is free for staff from Scottish Collegiate subscribers.

Who is delivering the programme?

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Fiona Smart.

Dr Smart is a senior academic in the Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement at Edinburgh Napier University. She leads the University’s Fellowship Scheme. Dr Smart is an Advance HE Accreditor, a Princial Fellow and an International Consultant, a role she especially values because it depends on collaboration with colleagues who are also committed to the enhancement of academic practice in students’ interests.

Dr Smart is the Convenor of the Scottish Higher Education Developers group, has a particular interest in arts-based pedagogy and has developed an innovative approach which enables group reflection and learning called poetic transcription with a twist.