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Global Perspectives: Governing universities: Solutions for a dynamic world (Members only)

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COVID-19 update

This online event is still currently planned to take place on the date shown. See how Advance HE is supporting you during the COVID-19 pandemic with new member benefits and updates to services, programmes and events.


As part of our enhanced range of member benefits for the 2019/20 academic year, we are running a series of webinars which cover the themes of ‘facing the future’ and ‘global perspectives’, and will focus on creating and sharing new knowledge as well as an opportunity to engage in discussion with colleagues from Advance HE member institutions globally.

The ‘Global Perspectives’ webinars are timed for a worldwide audience and therefore usually fall outside core hours in the UK and will be recorded to allow access within the individuals normal working pattern. 

This webinar in the series of Global Perspectives is entitled ‘Governing Universities – solutions for a dynamic world’. All those joining the webinar will be invited to take part in the discussion.


‘Governing Universities – solutions for a dynamic world’ will examine the role of the Board in a time of crisis – but with the distinctive perspectives brought by our panel members who will sharing their learning from their wide experience of working across different continents and sectors in addition to Higher Education.

Our speakers Michael Queen, Chair of the Committee of University Chairs and Chair University of Surrey, Irene Birrell, College Secretary, King’s College London and Dr Chris Pierce, Chief Executive Officer of Global Governance Services will focus the discussion upon:

  • The role of the Board in a time of crisis – with culture as a cornerstone - The leadership teams of our universities are faced with making decisions with dynamic and imperfect information – there is no template that applies to the present context. What is the role of the Board in such a time of crisis?
  • Strategising – is now the time? - In an ideal world we would have clear foundations from which to strategise – now many elements are absent but the need to map out a future is no less important, as is the need to innovate.
  • Crisis as agency - the adage ‘never waste a good crisis’ is hackneyed but true. What opportunities does this present and what role should a Board be adopting?