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Higher education for the fourth industrial revolution (Members only)

De Vere, Colmore Gates, Birmingham
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), characterised by the rapid introduction of new ways of interacting with the world of work, life and social interactions through evolving cyber-physical systems, will dramatically change whole industries and patterns of employment. The need to regularly upskill and reskill the workforce will require agile and responsive education and training systems. The changes will not only impact upon higher education students in terms of where and how they will work and continue to learn across their careers, but also upon how  education providers provide those on-going learning opportunities. The rapidly changing skills landscape of the UK’s workforce means that lifelong learning needs to evolve more rapidly to meet the envisaged economic and social transformations of the UK. 

Advance HE’s  research entitled Building Higher Education Curricula Fit for the Future (2018) indicates that in order to achieve multi-faceted educational outcomes there needs to be a deeper understanding of the ways in which the experiential, participatory and reflective learning is not just a transformative experience for students in HE, but also has the potential to transform society through more flexible and cognitively agile workers and citizens who embrace “a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds” (HMG, Industrial Strategy 2017: p.32).

The first in our series of member benefit workshops will provide participants with the opportunity to hear from thought leaders and participate in workshops on how their institutions are preparing the next generation of learners for living, learning and working in an ever changing technological environment.

Our speakers include:
Professor Liz Barnes, Vice Chancellor, University of Staffordshire
Professor Josie Fraser, DVC (Academic), The Open University

Workshops will give you the opportunity to reflect on a range of questions in the context of your institution, including:

  • What type of attributes and competencies do your graduates have and what will they need in the future?
  • Is your current educational portfolio future-proof and what are its defining features?
  • How are you preparing the next generation of learners for Industry 4.0?
  • In what ways can you utilise truly interdisciplinary approaches that help to develop more resilient, flexible and cognitively agile learners?
  • How can we design teaching and learning opportunities to facilitate this “fusion of technologies”?

At the end of the day participants will have been enabled to:

  • Reflect on the challenges and opportunities associated with the impact of Industry 4.0 on Higher Education globally
  • Represent their current state of readiness within their institutional context – from questions of curriculum design to stakeholder engagement
  • Design a future-facing, holistic educational experience that takes into account the challenges and opportunities explored in the workshop