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Homeworking in the Covid Pandemic: equality considerations for homeworkers

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As the Covid19 pandemic has created a need for a greater shift to home working, now and for the future, HE employers are facing new and in some cases, unforeseen, sets of challenges and circumstances that often can have a negative impact on equality.

In collaboration with UHR: Universities Human Resources, this session led by Advance HE’s Senior Advisor Ellen Pugh will consider:

  1. What do we mean by the homeworking environment and what particular aspects do we need to consider?
  2. Isolation and mental health
  3. Supporting caring including home schooling responsibilities
  4. HEIs responses – sharing insights and best practice
  5. How can Advance HE support the sector?

Ellen is well known for her work in the sector around equality, particularly from a gender perspective and as a working mother has direct personal experience of the shift to online and home based working when caring for her family. This webinar will be a mix of stimulus content and questions posed to delegates together with a Q&A and opportunity to share insights and best practice with other colleagues. Ellen has previously written a blog on this issue. Read the blog here