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Innovation in Teaching Practice: Creativity in blended teaching 2

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United Kingdom
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Grow your skills
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Virtual Workshop
Teaching and Learning
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1 Day
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Higher Education
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With teaching excellence still a major focus of the HE sector, and increasing pressures across institutions to respond to policies such as the subject level TEF in England and challenges such as the mental wellbeing, online teaching and inclusivity our workshops provide practical guidance on improving your teaching practices working alongside peers from a range of institutions and disciplines. These workshops have been created to provide practical support in an interactive way to assist you with implementing policy and new innovative teaching practice developments at module, programme, departmental or faculty level. They will assist you in leading change and monitoring impact, as well as guiding you to recognise your contribution to both your teams and the wider institution.

Kathy Wright on the upcoming Creativity in blended teaching workshop

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A practical, hands-on, explorative and experimental workshop designed to explode the myth that creativity is the gift of rare individuals with special talents and to prove that everybody can be both creative in their teaching and offer creative opportunities to their students, even in today's climate where the virtual delivery of teaching and learning is becoming the norm.

Delegates will explore and immerse themselves in creative approaches through a range of diverse, playful and imaginative activities in a safe environment with colleagues from different institutions. Fostering openness, collaboration and freeing themselves to consider creative approaches in their own teaching. Throughout the day we will help you build your own ‘non standard’ selection box of creative inspiration.

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Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop delegates will have:
• discussed and experienced creative approaches in online learning and teaching across and within disciplines.
• reflected upon their own practice and opportunities for change and transformation.
• developed creative approaches in teaching to stimulate excitement in learning.

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Who is delivering the workshop?

This workshop will be facilitated by Kathy Wright, Advance HE's Associate Director, Knowledge, Innovation and Delivery, and Chrissie Nerantz, Advance HE Associate.

Kathy Wright

Always a borrower, a lender, a ‘re-purposer’– a borrower of ideas, a lender of resources and a ‘re-purposer’ of approaches. Seeing connections, thinking horizontally, making do and mending, remixing.

An Arietty, an outsider, an outlier, travelling to other worlds. Peeping through the floorboards to look at what ‘real’ people do up there and learning from their lives and their experiences. Then creeping out to find and borrow, …. pegs, bobbins, scissors and golden thread. Scurrying back below to regroup, interpret, apply and repurpose. Finally emerging hesitantly, into their world to collaborate, to share knowledge and skills about engagement, daring to fail, risking getting caught and encouraging others to take risks in their worlds.

When she’s not borrowing and re-inventing,  Kathy Wright is Assistant Director, Knowledge, Innovation and Delivery (KID), Advance HE and an SFHEA. She’s looking forward to working with you at this workshop on creative approaches to learning and teaching online.

Kathy Wright

Chrissi Nerantzi

Dr Chrissi Nerantzi is a Principal Lecturer in Academic CPD in the University Teaching Academy (UTA) at Manchester Met. Her interests are in creativity, innovation and openness. Chrissi teaches on the MA in Higher Education, leads Recognising and Rewarding Teaching Excellence within UTA and supports colleagues across the institution in their professional development, curriculum design and scholarly activities in learning and teaching. 

Find out more Chrissi

Chrissi Nerantzi
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