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Internationalising the Curriculum - Members Only

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This webinar discusses the internationalisation of the curriculum which can broadly be described as the international and global diversification of the curriculum and pedagogy.

Internationalising HE brings benefits across an HEI. For staff and students, it provides alternative or new ideas, ways of thinking, value systems, experiences, sources and perspectives, improving their cross-cultural capabilities and employability. It equips students with knowledge, skills and dispositions to work in culturally diverse and international contexts, providing them with a wider diversity of knowledge and greater understanding of global issues and challenges. It broadens the appeal of HEI programmes and provides a stronger foundation for accessing and strengthening international partnerships and research collaborations.

This webinar will be linked to the Advance HE published resource Essential Frameworks for Enhancing Student Success: Internationalising Higher Education focusing on the curriculum element of this report. It will also discuss wider debates about the nature of the curriculum and whether current conceptualisations of internationalisation need to change. The webinar will consider broader contexts of internationalisation as well as its operationalisation across a whole institution as well as across disciplines.

Our panel of speakers comprises: