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Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme

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Preparing for senior leadership
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Two, two-day modules and an action learning set
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Higher Education and Further Education
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Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme (formerly Leadership Matters) is one of our women-only programmes designed specifically for women in senior positions in HE to help them take the next step up or extend their role, profile and impact. 

It aims at creating more gender parity in senior leadership within higher education.

The programme strikes a balance between enhancing technical knowledge of key strategic areas of operation including institutional finance, structures and governance along with exploring individual leadership styles, leadership legacy, personal impact and developing political skills. 

The programme is delivered by a team of experts in their fields – senior women leaders specialising in finance, governance, politics and leadership. 

At various points during the programme there will be guest speakers joining delegates to share their journey into top leadership positions within the higher education sector.

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Programme structure

Taking place over the course of 3 months, the Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme consists of one introduction webinar, two, 2 day online modules and an action learning set. 

Introduction Webinar: 9 September 2020

The introduction webinar will explore how to manage our's and other people’s responses to difficulties and how to successfully influence colleagues and external partners when working remotely. We are aiming to equip participants with tools which they may need in their leadership today.

Module 1: 4-5 November 2020

Day One = 09:45 – 15:15
Day Two = 09:45 – 15:15

The first two-day module focusses on:

  • exploring organisational and decision making frameworks
  • enhancing knowledge of funding and finance inputs
  • reviewing departmental budgets 
  • building understanding of governance processes and structures
  • developing practical strategies for working within and outside of these frameworks

Action learning sets

Choose from:
Wednesday, 2 December 2020
Thursday, 3 December 2020
Friday, 4 December 2020

Half way through the programme the participants meet in smaller groups for their action learning sets. They are encouraged to discuss practical issues pertinent to their leadership roles and work on solutions using the collective intelligence of the group through non-directive, coaching approaches.

Module 2: 6 -7 January 2021

Day One = 09:45 – 15:15
Day Two = 09:45 – 15:15

The second module focusses on:

  • exploring organisational climate, culture and internal politics 
  • learning about personal leadership styles 
  • understanding unique leadership purpose and legacy
  • developing confidence and practical skills to influence key stakeholders in their organisations and beyond

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