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A spotlight on change: The Truth About Change – the paradox of uncertainty and confidence

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Senior leadership
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3.5 Hours
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Spotlight Development Series

This online workshop is part of our Spotlight Development Series for Senior Strategic Leaders. If you would like to book onto the three session series at a discounted price, please click the below button.
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The truth about change isn’t a secret, but it can sometimes be very hard to see amidst the solid pillars of tradition and the well-rehearsed narratives of the status quo. If only something would come along to really shake us out of this complacency and inertia… Well, as one recent workshop participant put it, “there’s nothing like a pandemic for focusing the mind on enhancement”. These difficult, dangerous and tragic circumstances really mean that resisting change is no longer an option (if ever it was). And everything we know about change, from organisational behaviour through to psychology and neuroscience, is right there in front of us. And as regards complex adaptive change, the paradox of moving through uncertainty with confidence remains the key challenge of strategic leadership.

This event is the second in a series of three events. The other two events are:

A Spotlight on Strategy

9:00, 28 January 2021
Doug Parkin
Mastering the Pivot - being Strategic

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A Spotlight on Digital

9:00, 30 March 2021
Doug Parkin, with input from James Clay and Lawrie Phipps, JISC
Leading in a Digital World
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