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Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference 2021: Radical and Creative Partnership Working

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It is increasingly recognised how important mental health and wellbeing is  for student success. Universities and colleges are fast-developing ‘whole institution approaches’ to the student experience and wellbeing, not only to improve academic outcomes and retention, but to provide a holistic and positive experience, even in the most challenging times.

However, it is likely that deeper collaboration and cooperation, with a wider range of partners, will be necessary to meet the growing demand for student wellbeing support and provision, to address the rising complexity of cases, and the heightened risk to student mental health that university and college staff are dealing with daily. This conference aims to think radically and creatively about partnership working.

In an academic year like no other, we have seen how important the whole community has been to get through the tough times together. How can we now work even closer together, move forward and recover from 2020, as well as address the rising demands and expectations which were present well before coronavirus hit?

This one-day conference, organised by the Mental Wellbeing in Higher Education expert group in collaboration with Advance HE will interest anyone who works with or supports students. The conference will also be of interest to staff with strategic roles, academic staff, and those who develop policy and practice relating to mental health and wellbeing on campus.

If you’re looking for new ideas, a boost in motivation and a fresh vision, then this is the mental health and wellbeing conference for you! From the team who brought you Nailing Jelly to a Wall, organised by frontline support staff for frontline support staff and those they work with, join us to be inspired by established and successful partnerships, to share good practice, to hear about the challenges to partnership working, and to review ways to overcome the difficulties.

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Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference - Conference Programme
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