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Tackling Racism on Campus: From Critical Conversations to Action: What does that look like?

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This is an interactive session where the steering group will be inviting feedback from the audience on the assets under development, to move them from a statement to practical steps, to accountability.


This is the fifth webinar in the series linked to the Tackling Racism on Campus: Raising awareness and creating the conditions for confident conversations project. Which is an Advance HE Project funded by SFC and led by an expert group of EDI practitioners, academics, tertiary education staff and students.

Khadija Mohammed, Monica Medina and Sharan Virdee will be sharing the Race Statement which underpins the Declaration Against Racism. They will be discussing each of the highlighted areas from university and college perspectives and with engagement from the audience to create actionable and accountable frameworks with clear reference points to the sector’s codes for good governance.

1. Fostering an anti-racist culture of understanding

2. Decolonising the curriculum

3. Constructing systematic, anti-racist development practices

4. Investing in a diverse workforce

5. Recording and responding effectively to racist incidents

6. Monitoring and reviewing organisational race data

7. Consulting with Black community partners

8. Being held accountable

Disclaimer: The webinar series discuss race, racism and whiteness. The webinars are provided to inform the foundational work to improve racial literacy, historical and social contexts of racism, and to support critical conversations to enable confident discussions on the subject in universities, colleges and wider society. Please be advised that the content throughout the webinar series addresses race-based harm and strong terminology which may be deemed offensive. Further information of the project aims can be found here: