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Writing Retreat Principal Fellow 8

County / Region
United Kingdom
Position on the Pathway
Preparing for senior leadership
Fellowship Category
Principal Fellow
Event Type
Virtual Writing Retreats
Fellowship / UKPSF
Start Date
End Date
1 day
Institution Type
Higher Education and Further Education
Price From
Standard Rate £500


The Principal Fellow Writing Retreat is an invaluable opportunity to have the time and space to progress your application to become a Principal Fellow, receiving expert analysis and feedback in the process. Held over one day, the retreat offers you the chance to transform your rough notes and thoughts into an application that matches Advance HE’s strict criteria for Principal Fellowship.

Principal Fellowship recognises your substantial strategic responsibilities in teaching and influence within the higher education sector, showing that you have met the external verification and accreditation process.

Learning Outcomes

The Principal Fellow Writing Retreat enables you to engage in some critical reflection about your professional practice and strategic leadership in higher education. It will provide you with an opportunity to discuss experiences with others in the process of completing their own Principal Fellowship applications. The retreat also allows time and space to process your thoughts and draft that all-important narrative for your Principal Fellowship submission.

“The Principal Fellow Writing Retreat is a golden opportunity to get away from emails, phone calls and other unexpected interruptions and focus on your own endeavours and the impact you have made on the student learning process, not to mention your colleagues and institution,” says Professor Sally Bradley, the  Senior Adviser (Professional Learning and Development) at Advance HE. “We spend so much time supporting others, but rarely stop and reflect on our own achievements. This retreat gives you the chance to do that.”

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Content outline

The retreat includes a briefing on what becoming a Principal Fellow entails, plus group discussions and one-to-one advice and guidance about completing your application. The day’s agenda follows a flexible format catering to the needs of those attending.

“The retreat is designed for you to take time on your own to flesh out what you think the application means to you, to receive advice about it, then to take some more time to compare it with others who are there,” says Erica Joslyn of the University of Suffolk, who attended a previous retreat. “It’s all about building an understanding of what you need to do for your application. What I ended up with – and what I was successful with – was completely different from what I’d started out doing.”

The Principal Fellow Writing Retreat is intended for small groups. Space is therefore limited, so booking early is advisable.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is a strategic leader in learning and teaching with institutional responsibilities looking to attain Principal Fellowship.

About Fellowship

Fellowship is an international recognition of a commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education and demonstrates that your practice is aligned with the Professional Standards Framework (PSF).