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Gender in Higher Education Conference 2023

This conference aims to bring together higher education experts in gender equality to address the gender imbalance in higher education.


Hybrid working and the delivery of hybrid learning has become an accepted practice across the UK HE sector resulting in a rethinking of approaches to work and a wide variety of working arrangements. Advance HE’s 2023 Gender in HE conference will investigate how universities are performing on gender equality in the Hybrid Age, considering emerging evidence of differential experiences, identifying new challenges and exploring opportunities to address gender inequalities.

Taking an approach that recognises the intersections between gender and other characteristics, the Conference will consider:

  • Gender inequalities (established and emerging) in current employment patterns
  • How hybrid working is impacting on the health and well-being of women, men and non-binary people in HE
  • Creating inclusive spaces for student parents and carers
  • Developing inclusive leadership for the world of hybrid working
  • Innovative ways of encouraging and supporting home working

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Date: 25 May 2023
Venue: Mercure Hotel, Bristol Holland House

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Keynote speaker

Professor Eileen Drew

Former Director of the Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership
Trinity College Dublin
Eileen Dres
Professor Eileen Drew, is the former Director of the Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland where she lectured in the School of Computer Science and Statistics and the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies.
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Where are we going with the gender pay gap?

Dr Doyin Atewologun

Delta Alpha Psi
Dr Doyin Atewologun
Doyin is a psychologist, scholar practitioner, a regular media contributor and multi-award winner in recognition of her innovative methodologies and pioneering work in promoting inclusion and excellence in organisations. She is Dean of the Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford and concurrently Director of Delta Alpha Psi, a niche leadership and inclusion consultancy.