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Executive and Strategic Leadership

Programmes aimed at senior higher education leaders. Enhance your leadership capacity and consolidate your understanding of the dynamic HE landscape.

This stage has been carefully designed to support and guide participants through the challenges of leading an institution, including; setting institutional direction and leading all aspects of HE, managing large scale change, and leading on policy issues for their institution. The programmes allow participants to enhance their leadership capacity and consolidate their understanding of the dynamic HE landscape.


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Executive and Strategic Leadership development programmes

Vice-Chancellor Transition Programme

This programme supports newly appointed Vice-Chancellors to prepare for and transition to their new role, helping them become more effective, develop new skills and confidence, and enable them to lead their institutions effectively well right from the start of their tenure.
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Top Management Programme for Higher Education

Now in its 50th cohort the Top Management Programme for Higher Education is designed to equip senior leaders to extend their thinking and practice, equipping you to face the challenges of higher education leadership using experiential learning, impact groups, coaching and applying new models of leadership.
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Strategic Leadership Programme

The Strategic Leadership Programme will appeal to those with a portfolio which reaches across the institution and who want to exercise their strategic vision to make a meaningful impact in shaping the future direction of the higher education sector through influence and engagement.
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