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Flexible and Hybrid Leadership Programme

A programme supporting those leading large teams or departments in providing connected leadership in a more challenging, flexible or hybrid workplace.

Designed as the next iteration of Leading Virtual and Disconnected Teams, a course Advance HE developed for the HE sector at the height of Covid lockdowns, this programme turns attention towards the new potential offered by hybrid working as organisations evolve and also the associated leadership challenges. While previously many of us were working from home by default as a result of the pandemic, a more intentional approach is now needed as we move towards being hybrid by design. This involves a mindset shift as regards leadership, alongside the collaborative discovery of what we collectively (and individually) want, what works best and what the institution needs.

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Starts 24 February 2023,
3 half-day virtual modules 

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In any context effective leadership is always an artful balance. This is the essence of ‘flexible’ leadership. It involves holding in balance a range of important values, qualities and practices. As themes running throughout, this programme will engage particularly with seven hybrid leadership balances:Image removed.

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Who is the programme for?

Flexible and Hybrid Leadership will help departmental, project and programme leaders to reshape their thinking, restructure their work, and reconnect their teams based around a more intentional approach to hybrid working and learning.

The programme is ideal for colleagues who are a head of department, centre or service in either a professional or an academic role, or for those leading a large unit or cross-disciplinary/functional project team. 

The programme is also relevant for colleagues leading teaching or research teams as part of a wider academic role and those with thematic responsibilities.


  • Rediscovering leadership in a new, hybrid and changing world
  • Reconnecting teams in a new, hybrid and changing world
  • Reexpressing purpose in a new, hybrid and changing world

This programme was delivered brilliantly and had a great reflection on the issues surrounding Virtual and Disconnected Teams, I felt I learnt a lot of new strategies to balance my team at this difficult time.

Marianne McInnes,
Director - Operations,
The Glasgow School of Art

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Programme outcomes

Participants on Flexible and Hybrid Leadership will have the opportunity to:

• Engage with a balance of practical approaches and conceptual ideas in relation to virtual and hybrid leadership

• Reflect upon their identity and purpose as a leader and how they connect with both their teams and organisations in this fast-changing world

• Examine how to flexibly hold in balance a range of values, qualities and practices key to effective hybrid leadership (the seven hybrid leadership balances)

• Discuss what it means to become more intentional in approach as we move from hybrid by default to hybrid by design

• Consider techniques for self-management and sustainable resilience

• Discuss the challenges of influence and communication in a virtual and hybrid world

• Translate the core principles and practices of effective team leadership to more disconnected and disbursed work scenarios, based on some of the latest ‘hybrid’ thinking

• Review the essentials for team engagement such as investing in relationships, turning up trust and creating clarity around goals and expectations

• Discuss the importance of focus, purpose, motivation and culture for collective commitment

• Explore the alignment of hybrid approaches with institutional needs and identity

• Think creatively about how to take advantage of technology

• Share experiences of leading in a more hybrid institutional landscape.


Doug Parkin

Principal Adviser for Leadership and Management
Advance HE
Doug Parkin
With a focus mainly on leadership, Doug is responsible for a range of Advance HE's national open programmes as well as undertaking bespoke consultancy assignments for universities both in the UK and around the world.

I liked that the focus is leadership, just through a virtual lens. Leadership is about relationships and working remotely doesn't change that.

Alison Harding,
Executive Head of Library and Learning Resources,
University of Wales Trinity Saint David

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For much of our portfolio for 2022-23 the learning of event attendees and programme participants and conference, symposia and colloquia presenters will be digitally recognised.

This makes it easy for you to share and celebrate your achievements by adding them to your email signature or including them in your social profiles including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Your learning certificates can also be easily verified and downloaded as a pdf.

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"So much rich material and engagement around leadership in these challenging times - really valuable, and highly recommended!"

Ian Jenkins,
Director - Design, Development & Production,
Open University