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Grow Your Skills

Building knowledge, skills and understanding Designed for those at an early point in their careers, or new to their role, looking to build knowledge, skill and understanding.

Designed for those who have been in HE for a while and wish to build their skills in a particular area either of specific interest to them, or where their knowledge and skills could be stronger.


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Grow Your Skills development programmes

Symposia Series

Our symposium events offer staff a useful forum to encourage the exchange and dissemination of different ways of thinking about key challenges and new approaches. Practitioners are invited to participate in each symposium through submitting an abstract on their work as a fifteen-minute stimulus presentation and case study to support the discussions.
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EDI Workshop Series

These workshops will offer practical advice, guidance, policy information, frameworks and toolkits to support positive change within departments, schools, faculties and institutions in areas such as race equality, challenging privilege, and dignity and respect.
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