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New to Leading

Introducing the concepts of leadership. For those who are new to leadership within HE, whether in academia or professional services.

Designed for emergent leaders, our range of programmes and workshops in this stage of our Development Pathway provides tailored support whatever your role. Each is focused on building networks, providing insights and developing skills at this critical step in your career.


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New to Leading Development Programmes


Aurora is the highly regarded Advance HE leadership development programme for women that accesses a unique partnership initiative that brings together leadership experts and higher education institutions.
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Diversifying Leadership

The Diversifying Leadership programme is designed to support early career academics and professional services staff from black and minority ethnic backgrounds who are about to take their first steps into a leadership role.
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Research Team Leadership

Research Team Leadership is designed to develop the skills of Research Team Leaders at a time when they may be new to leadership. The programme will enhance your capabilities as a research leader and nurture your career potential. This programme has been designed for those who have recently been appointed into research positions with a leadership dimension and is also ideal for those who have thus far had little or no leadership development.
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Transition to Leadership

Over the course of a three month timeline, Transition to Leadership will explore your personal leadership, your team leadership and your change leadership styles. By understanding your own resilience and how you can influence and inspire others you will learn new approaches to manage difficult situations and enable institutional change to happen.
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Workshop Series – New Programme Leaders

With pressure on Programme Leaders and Programme Directors to respond to policies such as the subject level TEF in England and challenges such as the mental wellbeing of both staff teams and students, our series of workshops for new programme leaders has been created to provide practical support.
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Workshop – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Line Managers

Valuable learning for higher education line managers responsible for recruiting, managing and developing people, this programme provides practical knowledge and skills in dealing both fairly and effectively with the range of equality and diversity issues related to line management.

If you are interested in applying for this programme please email or call our Programmes Team on +44 (0) 3332 001 101.

Advance HE Programmes and Events Prospectus

Whether you are near the start of your career, an academic, a member of professional services, or a senior leader who is a member of your institution’s executive team or in governance, we have timely and tailored development opportunities for you. You can find details on the full range of programmes, events and conferences in our Prospectus.

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Advance HE Programmes and Events Prospectus