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Transition to Leadership

Enhance your leadership skills and become an authentic leader.

Within the increasingly challenging HE sector, it is more important than ever to ensure that those entering leadership roles for the first time are fully equipped to do so, particularly when those roles involve leading academic teams and colleagues.

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Enhancing your leadership skills

Through a mix of online and face-to-face delivery, experiential learning and peer-to-peer coaching you will become an impactful leader. 

TTL will explore your personal leadership, your team leadership and your change leadership style. By understanding your own resilience and how you can influence and inspire others you will learn new approaches to manage difficult situations and enable institutional change to happen. Transition to Leadership will allow you to develop:

  • Your role in supporting and delivering organisational change
  • Capabilities as a team leader and builder, to optimise your team or project groups performance
  • Emotional intelligence and influencing behaviours as a positive leadership role model
  • An understanding of leadership styles and skills, and apply this learning to your own context and sense of identity as a leader
  • Self-awareness and reflective practice
  • Personal skills in coaching including peer and team coaching to support achievement through others that you work with

Transition to Leadership 11

Start Date: 4 March 2021
End Date: 1 July 2021

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It's been a really positive experience for me and I've learnt a great deal. I've particularly relished the opportunities to coach and be coached and the opportunities to partake in diagnostics and get specialist, leadership focussed feedback (e.g. MBTI).

Amy Norton, Senior Higher Education Policy Advisor, Higher Education Funding Council for England 

Who is Transition to Leadership for?

Transition to Leadership is designed for new professional services or academic leaders of a programme area or a project team.

The programme is ideal for both professional service staff and academics who are new to leadership or work in a role where they need to influence others to create change.

Whether you are looking to shape small or big change in your organisation, Transition to Leadership will enhance your leadership skills and enable you to become an authentic leader.

What are the programme outcomes?

The Transition to Leadership programme contains diagnostics, self-assessments and structured self-reflection activities, plus face-to-face and online discussions to help participants understand the differing perspectives of others, to better influence and lead. Participants are provided with the opportunity to explore a variety of leadership styles and discover ways to integrate different skills and preferences to create team cohesion. They will enhance their understanding of how to adapt to varying situations within and outside their team and developing their capabilities as a team leader, thus enabling them to optimise team or project group performance.

Interview with programme director, Stuart Hunt

Stuart Hunt, programme director for Transition to Leadership, in our recent interview, discusses the need for the programme in the sector and what participants will gain from attending. The topics Stuart covers in the below videos include; the current challenges facing HE professionals, what it means to be an authentic leader, Personal, team and change leadership styles and Personal resilience and dealing with difficult situations.

Who is the programme for?
What are the benefits of the programme?
The challenges faced by higher education professionals
What does it mean to be an authentic leader?
Personal, team and change leadership styles
Personal resilience and dealing with difficult situations

How is the programme delivered?

TTL is an open programme delivered in a cohort structure. The programme is a mix of online and face-to-face activities.

Introductory webinar (1 hour): 
Once you have received access to the online learning environment, you will be prompted to set up your online profile. This will allow the other TTL participants and the TTL delivery team to find out more about you. In the introduction to the programme you will look at different leadership styles and share your thoughts online for the other participants to view. 

Personal leadership (6 hours): 
What is your leadership profile? After an examination of six leadership styles, participants will reflect on who they are as a leader and what sort of leader they want to be. They will look at authentic yet flexible approaches to leadership and how they can apply this learning in practice, in the context of the differing situations and personalities they encounter. 

Leadership style (5 hours):
Who do you think is an inspiring leader? Participants will be encouraged to assess the style of leader they admire and explore the different traits of these leaders. Using the online learning environment, participants will be able to discuss what makes a leader inspirational and consider what they can learn in order to become an inspiring leader themselves, including active experimentation with flexing away from their preferred leadership style(s). 

Leading teams (6 hours): 
Participants will also undertake the MBTI questionnaire giving then an insight on their own personality type. There will be space to reflect on their colleagues’ different perspectives and styles, as examples of how the potential for miscommunication can be minimised, and how to make the best use of the opportunity provided by these differences. 

Peer learning groups and projects (5 hours):
Working in groups and using their own personal reflections on what has and hasn't worked well, participants will explore and develop different change models.

Leading change (6 hours): 
During the final sessions, participants will assess their own personal resilience capacity referencing their personal i-resilience report, and will briefly explore the concept of organisational resilience.

End of programme webinar (1 hours): 
This final online activity seeks to help participants reflect on the learning from taking part in the Transition to Leadership programme. In addition they will be encouraged to consider where next for their leadership development.

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