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Preparing for Senior Leadership

Development opportunities for those new to leading a professional service or academic team or function such as Heads of Department, Associate Deans, Assistant Directors or Heads of Services, or those looking to step into these roles.

We understand that moving to a senior leadership role often brings with it a wide range of new challenges that most will not have experienced.

The programmes allow participants to identify what good practice looks like in their own role and provides the opportunity to liaise with others to identify shared issues and areas of understanding. It equips delegates with skills such as establishing credibility and trust, and learning how to market their department.


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Preparing for Senior Leadership development programmes

Leadership Matters: Senior Women’s Development Programme

Leadership Matters is for women and explores the contemporary contexts and challenges of being a Head of Department. Delegates will develop their knowledge and skills in the leadership of people and the management of change. Participants will leave this programme with a much better understanding of what they need to excel in their new role.
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Future Professional Directors

Future Professional Directors is a unique programme for colleagues in professional services from all areas of the institution. Developed in partnership with nine sector bodies, it builds the confidence and skills needed to lead successfully within and across professional services and the wider institution.
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Leading Departments

Leading Departments is a development programme designed to engage, support and develop new Heads of Department to meet the operational challenges of leading and managing academic, or support teams. The core feature of the programme will be a continuous and progressing simulation which will allow the participants to experience the realities of leadership as a Head of Department or school in a risk-free environment.
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Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership

Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership provides a unique opportunity for new and aspiring senior university leaders to explore and develop their leadership identity. Framed by the Connected Leadership model, it is structured around four key leadership intelligences; emotional, social and political, cultural (or narrative) and inclusive.
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Workshop – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders

Confidence and competence in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is essential to effective leadership in HE. Whether developing the vision and values of your institution, attracting, supporting and inspiring staff and students from a wide diversity of backgrounds, or navigating the complexities of relationships between different stakeholders, an understanding of EDI will strengthen your leadership skills and enable you to become an authentic leader.

If you are interested in applying for this Workshop please email or call our Events Team on +44 (0)3332 001 107.

Leading Race Equality in Higher Education

Effective leaders of race equality combine knowledge and understanding of race and racism with personal insight into their own position within the construct of race. They are confident in negotiating the barriers that impede progress and creative in developing strategic and practical tools for advancing race equality. They understand the challenges that the work brings and are resilient in tackling them. This programme equips participants to lead work on race equality by developing their skills and understanding within a safe and reflective space.

If you are interested in applying for this Programme please email or call our Programmes Team on +44 (0)3332 001 101.

Advance HE Programmes and Events Prospectus

Whether you are near the start of your career, an academic, a member of professional services, or a senior leader who is a member of your institution’s executive team or in governance, we have timely and tailored development opportunities for you. You can find details on the full range of programmes, events and conferences in our Prospectus.

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