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Senior Academic Leadership Programme

Our Senior Academic Leadership Programme provides a unique opportunity for senior academic leaders to discover a range of creative methods for finding new solutions and approaches; increase collaborative engagement to lead transformation in teaching and learning, and research; and explore and refine a clear and resilient sense of their own leadership identity.

As a senior academic leader, you can handle complex data with ease and are already adept at using logical systems to organise and understand a highly complex and volatile environment. However, you may have fewer opportunities to develop and apply your creative side. This programme provides the space, stimulation, support and structure to not only get back in touch with your vision, purpose and values but to bring these into the creative and collaborative work that sets truly great research and teaching apart.

Bringing creativity to leadership

Our Senior Academic Leadership Programme (SALP) is an opportunity for experienced leaders and established strategic thinkers to take a step back. It appeals to leaders who are immersed in high-intensity roles because it presents an opportunity to step out and reflect with similarly experienced colleagues from other universities and to be challenged with some very different ways of thinking.

How is the programme delivered?

Taking place over a three-day period, The Senior Academic Leaders programme consists of:

• 360-degree diagnostic to identify personal strengths and development goals

• Intensive three-day residential module

• Expert input around creative thinking from facilitators and guest presenters

• Peer learning and co-coaching

The ‘Rainbow Model of Creative Leadership’

Creative leadership involves a wide range of skills and approaches, not just passion and inspiration, and many of these can be consciously refined and developed. To understand and consider these, we have developed the Rainbow Model. This will be the centrepiece of SALP.

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What are the programme outcomes?

The programme will develop participant’s ability to construct and communicate creative narratives that bring fresh life and meaning to strategic challenges and provide the basis for collective commitment and bridging (internal and external) communities. It will further develop their personal vision for leadership; linking values, identity and purpose and exploring both individual and academic motivation and the hidden energies that drive individual and organisational performance.

Participants will be able to bring back into the institution a range of fresh and exciting ideas regarding the nature of inclusive, compassionate and ethical leadership that they can model for others. They will bring new approaches to change, engagement and a positive mind-set to release latent innovation potential for their teams – of particular value for an increasingly time-poor but outcomes focused environment. This will be evidenced through a capacity for transformative leadership through collaboration, creativity and commitment.


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