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Assessment and Feedback Symposium 2023 Shaping the Learning Experience: Innovations in Assessment & Feedback

A presenter-led event to learn, discuss and share latest practices and pedagogies in assessment and feedback.
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In recent years, research and good-practice advice about assessment and feedback has continued to develop in higher education, although the pandemic provided significant new challenges – and opportunities for innovation. The pandemic also highlighted the importance of designing and planning assessment and feedback in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) issues, areas that have been considered in previous Advance HE symposia and publications (Baughan 2021). Latterly, some research has advocated for more compassionate approaches in assessment (McArthur, 2022). Thus, whilst assessment and feedback remain ongoing concerns in the sector, and there remain needs to develop and improve, there are resources and publications ‘out there’ to help practitioners – but a lack of time to consider and enact the advice may often be a barrier.

Assessment and feedback are integral components of teaching practice, shaping the learning experiences and outcomes of students across disciplines. As the educational landscape continues to evolve, it is imperative that we adapt our assessment and feedback practices to meet the needs of diverse learners and foster their growth and development.

In this symposium, we invite you to engage in a stimulating exploration of current themes in assessment and feedback. Across the day, we hope to shed light on emerging trends, cutting-edge methodologies, and practices that enhance the quality and effectiveness of assessment and feedback processes. If you seek to challenge traditional approaches and propose innovative strategies to address the evolving demands of higher education, then this symposium is for you.


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Date: 7 November 2023
Venue: In-person, Penta Hotel, Reading


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Conference themes

  • Diversifying Assessment
  • Enhancing Feedback Practices
  • Innovations in Assessment Design
  • Authentic assessment
  • Assessment and feedback in a digital Era (including automating and innovating)
  • Enhancing self and/or peer feedback