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Leadership Excellence Symposium

Leadership Excellence Symposium 2025

The symposium will be preceded by a call for contributions inviting practitioners to submit an abstract on their work as a stimulus presentation or case study to support the discussions.


New for 24/25, this symposium will leverage insights from recent strategic developments and work, such as the AHE leadership survey, to provide a forum for higher education leaders to discuss innovative approaches. The symposium will explore new ways of working, strategies for doing more with less, and methods for thriving during periods of significant change. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with forward-thinking ideas, and challenges to existing operating models and gain evidence-based insights into effective leader practices that enhance institutional resilience and success. 

The symposium will be preceded by a call for contributions, inviting leaders and practitioners to submit abstracts on their work as stimulus or case studies to support the discussions.

Event Information

Date: TBC, virtual

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Who is facilitating the event?

Fiona Lennoxsmith

Lead Consultant, Leadership, Organisational Development and Research
Advance HE
Fiona Lennoxsmith
Fiona Lennoxsmith is Lead Consultant, Leadership, Organisational Development and Research at Advance HE, where she leads a team of senior consultants to design and facilitate innovative leadership interventions, programmes and thought leadership for the Higher Education sector.

Rachel Witton

Senior Consultant (Leadership, OD and Research)
Advance HE
Rachel Witton
Rachel Witton is a Senior Consultant (Leadership, OD and Research) at Advance HE, and joined Advance HE in 2020. Rachel has worked in a consultancy capacity with senior leaders in higher education globally for the last 12 years, supporting them navigate and implement multiple aspects of change.

Expert keynotes and panellists will join our senior consultants to share the latest thinking and enhancements in inclusive practice and belonging.

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Who should attend?

Higher Education leaders, including deans, heads of departments, directors of professional services, and senior colleagues, are focused on strategic development and operational excellence in HE. 

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