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Surveys & Insights Conference 2021

Surveys and Insights Symposium 2022

A presenter-led one-day event to learn, discuss and share latest practices in the use of surveys and metrics to improve the student experience.

Surveys, measurement tools, metrics and the wider insight that such tools generate have a key role to play in helping maximise the reach and quality of provision within the sector. By gathering and acting on such insight, institutions, sector agencies, researchers and policymakers can work together to help students maximise their potential.

This symposium provides an opportunity to discuss and debate the potential of insight from surveys, metrics, qualitative research and wider methods of capturing the voice of the student for driving excellence and enhancement within higher education. The conference will feature a keynote speaker alongside oral presentations and workshops from HE practitioners, survey officers and academics. 

Date: 28 April 2022
Location: TBC
Who: Surveys officers, HE practitioners responsible for student engagement and satisfaction, researchers and HE data analysts

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Call for papers

The call for papers for this event will open in December.

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