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Developing People - Focus on Leadership

A range of leadership stories, resources and guidance to support and inspire the professional development of HE professionals at every stage of their careers.

Leadership comes in many forms and everyone's leadership journey is different. 

In the articles below participants of some of our development programmes, from both academic and professional services roles, share their stories, thoughts and reflections as part of their leadership journey. We hope you find inspiration to progress your professional development and practice.

We also highlight a range of leadership and management resources which we hope you find useful in developing yourself and your teams. 

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Kelechie Dibie

Re-discovering my worth

Kelechi Dibie from Newcastle University shares her experience of Advance HE’s Diversifying Leadership Programme. Kelechi describes how before taking part she had a scepticism of leadership programmes, however on completing the programme she was refreshed with positive energy. Read Kelechi's story >

Diversifying Leadership Programme Information



My Journey to a Leadership Role

Michelle Breen, Head of Information Services at the Glucksman Library, University of Limerick, shares her journey to a leadership role through promotion having completed Advance HE’s Transition to Leadership programme. Read Michelle's story >

Transition to Leadership Programme Information
Michelle Breen



5 ways to make your leadership more creative

Creativity is at the heart of academia and at the heart of leadership. Far from being a ‘fluffy’ soft skill, creativity is what separates leadership from management. Creativity enables us to think differently, communicate expressively and overcome complex challenges. Creative practices engage our head and our heart and bring greater meaning to our work.

Kate Tapper,  Senior Academic Leadership Programme Co-Director, shares five ways in which you may be more creative than you think.

5 ways to make your leadership more creative
Kate Tapper



Jason Knight

How I lost ‘associate’ from my title

Jason Knight, Dean of Academic Development at the British & Irish Modern Music Institute, outlines the key skills and learning he valued on the Leading Transformation in Learning and Teaching programme. Read Jason's story >

Leading Transformation in Learning and Teaching Programme Information



How the Leading Departments Programme was Career Changing

Dr Lisa Brodie, Head of Department, Engineering Design and Mathematics at the University of the West of England recently took part in the Leading Departments programme. In this interview, she explains why she took part and the impact it has had on her career. Read Lisa's story >

Leading Departments Programme Information
Dr Lisa Brodie

Creating collaborative environments

Doug Parkin, Principal Adviser for Leadership and Management, argues that creative leadership is fundamentally about that part of leadership that speaks to collaborative engagement, collaborating with others, where you want engagement to be high, when you want purpose to be shared and when you want commitment to be strong. Doug Parkin and Kate Tapper will be leading Advance HE’s new Senior Academic Leadership Programme. In this short video,  they discuss why they have centred the programme around creative leadership.

Senior Academic Leadership Programme - develop your creative spark. Now open for bookings.

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Connect Event Series

A series of webinars and face-to-face events, open to all those who work for an Advance HE member institution. Find out more >

Facing the Future - Doing leadership – with humanity, from the middle out

Date: 28.02.2020
Venue: Online event
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Global Perspectives - Igniting a spark: Creativity in higher education

Date: 27.03.2020
Venue: Online event
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Leadership Conferences

BME Leadership in Higher Education Summit 2019
19 May 2020

BAME Leadership Summit 2020

Maple House, etc Venues, Birmingham
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Leadership Summit
2 April 2020

Leadership Summit 2020

Hallam Conference Centre, London
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