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University of Sheffield - Universities HR Strategic Enhancement Programme

The context for the programme

The University of Sheffield is now two years into the Learning and Teaching Professional Recognition Scheme leading to HEA Fellowships (D1 – D3). It has become clear through the first set of applications that more can be achieved to embed the UKPSF within the University to enable those who teach and/or support learning to: show how they meet constituents of the dimensions of of the framework; identify areas for development where dimensions cannot yet be demonstrated; and apply for recognition at the appropriate category of Fellowship. Whilst the new scheme has been successful in engaging staff in a wide range of teaching and learner support roles from across the institution we are actually aware that many who are supporting learning are yet to recognise the valuable role they play in supporting our students in their learning.

All members of staff at the University of Sheffield take part in the annual Staff Review and Development Scheme (SRDS) which gives them an opportunity to reflect on the past year’s activities with their line manager and to set objectives for the coming year. SRDS also enables staff to identify areas for development and the support required for that development. By integrating the UKPSF into the SRDS process all staff could have the opportunity to recognise review and value the work they do to support teaching learning and leaners at our University. Participating in this HEA programme will allow us to draw on the experience and exlpertise of the HEA and colleagues and institutions across the sector to explore how best to develop and implement an approach that could be trialled to support the next SRDS round in June 2016. This project has been approved by Human Resources and Learning and Teaching Services within the University of Sheffield.

The areas intended for development

The overall aim of this proposed initiative was to enable all staff at The University of Sheffield to have the opportunity to recognise review and value the role they have in underpinning Staff Review and Development Scheme (SRDS).

The aim was to achieve this throughout the project through the development of two resources which could be piloted in selected departments: one for use by reviewees to consider their engagement with the UKPSF; and the other by SDRS reviewers to enable them to conduct reviews with reference to the UKPSF and to assist in identifying associated areas for development.

The reviewee resource should support staff to reflect on their engagement with both the constituents of the resource developed for early career researchers outlined above which would support reviewees in their discussions on their practice in teaching and/or supporting learners with their reviewers. It was hoped that the resource would be particularly helpful in identifying areas where the reviewee would need further support or development and encourage them to show good standing by reviewing their practice since recognition. For those who already have HEA recognition this process would allow them to show good standing by reviewing their practice since recognition or over the previous year.

The reviewer resource would include guidelines to raise awareness of the UKPSF and how it may support the SRDS process. Members of the Working Group could support reviewers in the pilot which may lead to the future enhancement of the training to SRDS reviewers. By taking part in this SRDS reviewers would also have the opportunity to show their engagement with the UKPSF.