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Teaching and learning for student and institutional success

Sharing good practice and development to support the achievement of sustainable teaching excellence

Teaching and learning is coming under increasing scrutiny from regulatory bodies around the world. Measures on student retention and graduate outcomes are in sharper focus and in some cases being linked to funding of programmes and courses. Sectors around the world are placing greater emphasis on teaching excellence to meet these metrics and to support national demands for a highly skilled workforce and internationalisation of higher education.

We help to develop and deliver transformational and sustainable strategies, build capacity and capability to improve performance for organisations, teams and individuals, and tailor our solutions to meet your priorities and those of the wider sector.

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Why work with us

By working with Advance HE we can support you to:

  • Develop country-wide systems and initiatives to drive teaching excellence
  • Improve student retention and graduate outcomes including employability
  • Climb world rankings by improving key metrics
  • Design curricula and programmes which promote an inclusive student experience
  • Deliver against strategic goals
  • Understand and improve student and other key stakeholder perceptions
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop your staff to be world-class teaching and learning practitioners
  • Increase your reach in the local and international economy.
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How we can work with you to achieve your goals

Are you looking to improve student outcomes against key regulator metrics?

As higher education emerges from the pandemic, we are seeing a renewed focus from governments and regulators on good student outcomes using student progression, retention and graduate outcomes as measures of good degrees and value for money. 

Advance HE is here to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and to develop strategies to improve your students’ outcomes against key sector benchmarks.

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Do you need support to review, reform or develop your teaching and learning strategies?

Our support encourages institutions to examine and reframe their organisational cultures to enable performance through staff expertise, supporting student success and aligning to shared strategies and goals. We support you to foster an environment enabling productive, committed teams and individuals to thrive.

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Are you equipping your teaching and learning staff with the skills and confidence to make a positive impact?

Advance HE offers a range of in-house delivery options aimed at equipping staff with the skills and confidence to make a positive impact on the student experience. Our programmes can be contextually adapted, integrate ‘train the trainer’ methodologies and be delivered online or via a blended model.

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Are your professional development programmes globally recognised?

Advance HE supports institutions globally to have their in-house teaching staff development programmes accredited aligned to the Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in HE requirements and allow the automatic award of Fellowship to successful participants.

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Is your curriculum designed for student success?

It is paramount that institutions develop the structures, procedures and approaches to place the student at the centre of all activity. Using our research-informed Essential Frameworks for Student Success and our vast experience in teaching and learning, we support governments and institutions at whole organisation, faculty and programme level to review, develop and embed curricula, student success, employability, assessment and retention.

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Are your teaching and learning practices sustainable?

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) equips learners across all disciplines with the knowledge, skills, attributes and values required to pursue sustainable visions of the future. Using active pedagogies learners are supported in addressing complex or ‘wicked problems’ and identifying how they can contribute to solutions that address environmental integrity, social justice and economic prosperity.

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How our support is delivered

Advance HE understands that your contexts and budgets may require different forms of delivery to suit your requirements. We have worked with institutions and education ministries across the globe, developing our knowledge of operating within varied regulatory environments. We offer:

Bespoke Support

We can offer a completely tailored solution fit to your needs. This can include audits, surveys, staff development and strategy and portfolio reviews contextualised to your institution's policy landscape and challenges.

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Collaborative Projects

Collaborative projects bring together a group of institutions to tackle a shared challenge. They are cost-effective and delivered as a focused period of activity – usually six months. They are grounded in sharing excellent practice, developing innovative approaches and assessing the impact of change. 

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Insights and Surveys

We are specialists in higher education research. Our expert team can provide, qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods offers, underpinned by sector-wide datasets from our student surveys.

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In-house staff development

We offer a suite of programmes and training solutions that can be designed to meet your organisation’s requirements, developed in partnership with you and aligned to the Professional Standards Framework.

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Project Success Stories

Turkist delegation at Royal Society of Chemistry, London, UK

Teaching & Learning Excellence Centres Training for Turkish Universities

This programme was commissioned by the British Council in Turkey to support the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (THEQC/ YÖKAK), and the participating universities to enhance teaching and quality assurance.


Fellowship programme transforms Thai institution

Teaching and learning programme delivered at Walailak University results in massive improvement in student retention.


Digital by Design at Bradford College

Advance HE supported Bradford College to develop their hybrid education using an approach developed at the University of Surrey in collaboration with Advance HE.

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Slovenian institution in collaboration with Advance HE to develop staff leadership skills

Advance HE has delivered three Leadership Development Programmes to staff at the University of Ljubljana.

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National Collaborative Medical School Assessment and Feedback Project

The National Collaborative Medical School Assessment and Feedback Project was a collaboration between Advance HE and six medical schools.

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Developing Institutional Capability in Inclusive Assessment

SOAS adopted Advance HE's inclusive assessment labs across the institution as an element of their validation and re-validation process.

Advance HE's latest teaching and learning resources

Advance HE is committed to producing and sharing news, guidance, research, publications, resources and toolkits to support teaching and learning in higher education. Take a look at our Teaching and Learning guidance pages where these are collated.

Our latest resources include:

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