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Enhancing Programme Leadership

Enhancing Programme Leadership is an online programme designed to develop the skills and capabilities of leaders of teaching and learning in their institution at a time when they may be new to leadership, or looking to gain confidence in their leadership skills.

This new programme is an online offer that aims to support programme leaders at a time when they may be new to leadership, or looking to gain confidence in their leadership skills. It will address their unique challenges, opportunities and realities, by developing their networks and skills and providing tools to enable them to thrive in this unique role.

The programme will prompt and challenge participants to consider how they lead others, aligned with the Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), in particular Descriptor 3 (Senior Fellowship).

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Key information

Start date: 14 January 2021 

Programme duration: Four synchronous half days and four asynchronous half days delivered over nine weeks.

Delivery: The full programme is delivered online

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Module 1

14 January 2021
Contextualising Leadership

Module 2

4 February 2021
Engaging Stakeholders
(with focus on Students as Partners)

Module 3

25 February 2021
Turning Problems into Opportunities
(doing things differently)

Module 4

18 March 2021
Leading without authority
(the importance of influencing)

Full details of the modules, learning outcomes and facilitators are available in our downloadable information sheet below.

Download the information sheet
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Who is the programme for? 

Enhancing Programme Leadership is designed for those who have responsibility for leading teaching and learning within their departments or divisions, but who might not necessarily have line management responsibilities. This might include (but is not limited to):

  • programme leaders
  • directors of learning and teaching
  • departmental learning and teaching coordinators
  • experienced staff with new teaching and learning leadership responsibilities.

The programme has been designed for those who have recently been appointed into a programme leadership position or those who have been in this role for some time but have had little or no previous leadership development.

Supporting programme leaders

The role of programme leader or equivalent is a key one in institutions and can be anyone responsible for managing a degree programme including its design, delivery, and quality assurance and enhancement. These colleagues are key stakeholders in the student experience and are the key translators of policy into practice, uniquely positioned as ‘change agents’ for teaching and learning (Ellis, 2019; Milburn 2010).

Although Covid-19 has catalysed institutions to focus on the importance of teaching and learning, such roles can often be challenging, requiring stakeholder engagement and management, managing without authority, managing (sometimes cross-disciplinary) teams, persuasion and influencing, and programme accountability. Programme leadership is also often considered a stepping stone for wider leadership roles and can be the start of a leadership journey for many, and as such Programme Leaders may not have much previous experience in leading others or the support needed to flourish in their role. 

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Why choose Enhancing Programme Leadership? 

In response to feedback from the sector, we have designed this affordable and easily accessible programme to support those working in programme leadership roles.

This fully online programme has been developed to provide an accessible and convenient format that programme leaders (or any equivalent roles) can engage with from the comfort of their own desks and in manageable chunks of time (maximum 2.5 hour blocks).

Institutions may wish to develop a cohort of colleagues by sending 5-10 individuals on the same programme, or individuals may choose to attend the programme on a personal basis in order to further their personal and career development. 

Participants will:

- Consider and critique different leadership approaches, reflecting on the implications for their practice.
- Explore the changing context of HE, analysing the role of key stakeholders (with a focus on Students as Partners and colleagues).
- Analyse Learning and Teaching challenges and generate solutions to bring about change in the short and longer-term.
- Network with cross-institutional colleagues to explore strategies for ‘positively enhancing the Student Experience’ within the constraints of their context and role.
- Articulate their vision for positively leading change in learning and teaching at their institution.
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Next steps

To enquire about Enhancing Programme Leadership or if you have any questions about the programme please complete the form below. If you are ready to book, you can view pricing and booking details here

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