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Teaching and Learning Symposia

Our symposia series focuses on thematic areas of interest within teaching and learning and are for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of the latest teaching pedagogies and upskill their practice in key areas.

Our symposium events offer staff a useful forum to encourage the exchange and dissemination of different ways of thinking about key teaching and learning challenges and new approaches. Practitioners are invited to participate in each symposium through submitting an abstract on their work as a fifteen-minute stimulus presentation and case study to support the discussions.


Each symposium is facilitated by a Senior Advisor from Advance HE with specific expertise in the area being discussed. The day will feature a keynote presentation from a leading practitioner in each area, followed by themed sessions showcasing case studies from across the sector. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from leading practitioners in the sector, debate priority issues and learn from cutting-edge initiatives.


The symposia provide teaching practitioners with access to an open and supportive environment and valuable peer network to share and discuss contemporary practice and initiatives. They enable participants to develop a principled, evidence-informed approach to devising subsequent support and guidance for change in enhancing student success in HE.

Who: Teaching practitioners including: heads of departments, academic programme leaders and developers, lecturers, academic and support staff, and learning technologists.

View the dates of the events below or in the calendar. 

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Students as Co-Creators Symposium: 'What works?'

Date: 31 January 2024
Location: Virtual

This symposium will provide an open and supportive environment within which to share and discuss contemporary practice and initiatives relating to students as co-creators; provide evidence-informed examples and ideas to encourage student engagement, and network with like-minded peers.

The event will include a keynote speaker alongside participant-led presentations, case studies, reflections and vlogs/blogs.

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Artificial Intelligence Symposium

Date: 27 February 2024
Venue: theStudio, Birmingham

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming higher education at speed. However, integrating AI into the student journey from induction to teaching and learning and student outcomes requires careful consideration of the pedagogical, ethical and disciplinary implications:

  • How can we ensure that AI is used in ways that are aligned with the values, goals and standards of higher education?
  • How can we balance the benefits of AI with the potential risks and challenges?
  • How can we foster a culture of responsible and inclusive AI in higher education?
  • How can we use AI to make a difference in teaching and learning?


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Sustainability Symposium

Date: 21 March 2024
Location: Virtual

By way of keynote presentations, panel sessions and sector-led presentations and workshops, this symposium will offer a chance to learn about new and evidence-informed sustainability initiatives that make a difference in the UK and internationally; discuss ways to embed the UN SDGs into teaching and learning curricula; and network with like-minded peers who are passionate about the sustainability agenda within HE.

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Employability Symposium

Date: 25 April 2024, Face-to-face
Location: Horizon Leeds

We know that, regardless of discipline, developing graduates for successful trajectories beyond university is of critical importance. Enabling our graduates to have a positive impact, whether that be through creating value that is economic, social, cultural, or environmental – or indeed a mixture of each, is the embodiment of this success.

This event, by way of oral presentations and workshops, will provide a space to discuss and share latest practices in embedding employability among a network of peers. 

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Student Retention and Success Symposium

Date: 14 May 2024
Location: theStudio, Birmingham

This symposium will provide an open and supportive environment within which to share and discuss contemporary practice and initiatives in student retention and success; providing evidence-informed examples and ideas for university staff and students to address the challenges of attrition, retention and student success in higher education.

By way of a call for papers, we will invite participants to consider how practices can be enhanced to reduce attrition, assist with transition stages and ensure students achieve their objectives.

The event will include a keynote speaker alongside participant-led workshops and presentations.

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Flexible Learning Symposium 2024

Date: 5 June 2024
Venue: Virtual

The symposium, via keynotes, oral presentations and workshops, will bring together experts in Flexible Learning, alongside practitioners from the sector, to share the latest ideas, initiatives and best practice. 

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