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Introduction to Race Equality e-Learning Course

Giving all staff a foundation of understanding of racial equality

Our new e-Learning course provides a simple solution to ensure all staff have access to a quality introduction to race equality. Based on a programme designed for the University of Surrey, this tailorable course is aimed at all staff within an institution and complements our other support in the area of tackling racism and race inequalities.

The course is more challenging and provocative than other offers and sets out race equality in the higher education context.

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The benefits for your staff and institution

By implementing this e-Learning course across your institution, you will:

  • support your institution's work towards racial equality
  • help all staff members think about how to start tackling racial inequality in their role
  • challenge and provoke staff to support changes in behaviour
  • receive a product that requires little work to implement
  • have the option to tailor the course to your own data and input an introduction from an institution sponsor to set the context.
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The course

Recommended as two separate modules, the programme can embed institutional policies and contains links to further information to support understanding.

The course covers:

  • Race, racism and inequity in HE
  • Overt and covert racism
  • Whiteness, privilege and advantage
  • Inclusion and Belonging
  • Building Belonging
  • Next Steps
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