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Off-the-shelf programme delivery

The content of our off-the-shelf programmes are delivered without requiring a large amount of tailoring.

COVID-19 update

Along with the rest of the sector, Advance HE is adjusting to the challenging times in which we all find ourselves. We are determined to support our members by delivering as much as possible online and maintaining the best possible, flexible service. 

We are currently reviewing our portfolio of in-house development programmes and will update these pages with new developments.

See our COVID-19 updates page for the latest information on our services.

This suite builds on many of our successful open programmes and events and generally focuses on specific skillset development in areas such as EDI best practice, finance, team leadership and cuts across Advance HE’s core areas of activities.

Each workshop and programme builds on Advance HE’s global experience of delivering effective development and is based on current best practice with the aim of supporting staff in their current roles and tackling the current HE landscape challenges. Many of our EDI workshops for example are created to support institutions with implementation of current government policy across the nations.

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How are the programmes delivered?

Each programme or workshop has a set agenda, price and delivery method and will be delivered by an expert facilitator(s) currently practising in their field.  The price includes a briefing between the client and the facilitator to ensure that the development objectives for the institution are met and that the content is contextualised to the current institutional context. 

The off-the-shelf programmes

You will find below an outline of the range of programmes that we offer off-the-shelf.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Introduction to the Equality Landscape in HE

A general session covering the major equality and diversity challenges in today's higher education sector.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Managers

Designed for anyone who is responsible for recruiting, managing and developing a diverse workforce.

Developing Equality Objectives

Will deepen knowledge of the equality landscape in higher education in order to enable a review of the institution’s current equality objectives, and development of new objectives.

Equality Analysis and Equality Impact Assessment

For any team looking to refresh equality, diversity and inclusion knowledge.

Leading Equality, Diversity and Inclusion change

Designed to support those who work as equality, diversity and inclusion champions or are agents of change.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Unconscious Bias

Managing unconscious bias

Designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to identify unconscious biases, understand their potential for impacting on decision making and develop techniques to minimise that impact.

EDI, Unconscious bias and REF 2021

Provides a means by which to understand the legislative and policy drivers and context for embedding consideration of equality and diversity in REF2021and the potential for bias to play out in decision-making around selection of staff and outputs in REF 2021. You will begin to develop individual and institutional actions and strategies to minimise the potential for bias in REF decision-making.

Leadership and Management

Research Team Leadership

Addresses the unique issues caused by the conflicting demands of teaching and administration within a research team function aiming to provide participants with a pragmatic framework for their leadership which can help them lead with confidence and helps them to get co-operation from their colleagues by using techniques to enhance equality, diversity, depth and clarity.

Demystifying Finance

A practical, interactive workshop for those who want to improve their understanding of finance in higher education and their financial management skills.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Protected Groups

Introduction to race equality in HE

Ideal for any institution, department or team that considers itself at the beginning of their journey to advance race equality.

Tackling the BAME award gap

Focuses on the persistence of the BAME attainment gap in UK universities and how they need to take a strategic approach to tackling the racial inequalities experienced by students.

Enhancing LGBTQ+ inclusivity

Supports institutions to identify areas for future development for LGBT+ inclusion in the student or staff lifecycles, including considerations of intersectionality, data analysis, supporting networks, and issues of inclusive curricula.

Achieving Trans inclusivity

Explores the context for trans identities and seeks to increase the skills and confidence in supporting trans students and staff and to tackle discrimination including the practical steps an individual and an institution can take to foster an inclusive environment for trans students and staff.

Supporting religion and belief on campus

An introduction to our new guidance on supporting Religion and Belief in staff or student lifecycles and on campus, identifying areas for development within their institution.

Anticipating reasonable adjustments (Focused on disability awareness)

Enabling staff working in service provision to anticipate and remove disabling barriers: ensuring their services are inclusive to all staff and students. Exploring the terms ‘disability’ and ‘impairment’ and gain an understanding of the social and structural model of disability, understand the legal requirement, and identify their role in providing reasonable adjustment and actions they can take to achieve them.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Dignity and Respect 

Dignity and respect for staff

Provides the opportunity to improve understanding of the rights and responsibilities of staff, within the framework of organisational dignity and harassment policy and processes.

Dignity and respect for line/people managers

Establishing a workplace culture that is inclusive and respectful of all members of the team and responding to those incidents of unacceptable behaviour that do occur can be challenging for line managers. This workshop provides the opportunity for participants to build the skills and confidence to deal with those challenges effectively, within the framework of the University’s dignity and harassment policy and processes.

Skills development for dignity and respect advisers

Dignity at work advisers play a key role in preventing harassment and bullying and building an inclusive and healthy work environment in many higher education institutions. Our dignity at work training for advisers supports this work by equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to carry out their role.

Managing good relations on campus

Provides the knowledge and skills to identify and manage issues/tensions that may destabilise relations between different groups, and develop strategies for promoting good relations.

Inclusive learning and teaching

The way that teaching and learning is provided may present barriers which disable people with impairments from fully accessing and benefiting. Providing support, adjustments and inclusive learning materials to understand how these barriers can be removed and ensure all students can access the teaching and learning they need.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Student Diversity and Experience

Diversity and inclusion in student outreach, recruitment and admissions

Provides an overview of existing projects and good practice in relation to increasing diversity of students, and provide institutions with the tools to identify, analyse and take action in regards to study routes or subject areas with particular diversity issues.

Enhancing the international student experience

Explores how equality, diversity and inclusion strategies can be used to enhance institutional support for international students on campus. Examines concepts of ‘belonging’, unconscious bias, inclusive curricula, as well as legal protections and exemptions for international students in terms of race, nationality and other characteristics.

TEF, Social mobility and the student journey: the equality challenge

Provides an overview of current challenges in the student equality and social mobility landscape, including the TEF, the recommendations of the Social Mobility Advisory Group, and the upcoming transparency provision of the HE Bill.

Fair recruitment and selection

Designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to undertake recruitment and selection fairly and effectively in line with equality legislation and with institutional policies and procedures. Explores the stages of the recruitment and selection process, considers the equality issues relevant to each stage and identifies techniques for ensuring that the process and their behaviours do not unfairly disadvantage any individual or group.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Supporting the Equality Charters

Introduction to Athena Swan

For universities (or departments or teams within universities) that wish to better understand the gender equality challenges that continue to exist within higher education in the UK for both staff and students.

Getting started with the Race Equality Charter

An opportunity to strengthen understanding of race equality, and the personal and institutional barriers and routes to effective culture change.

From Smart Actions to Impact

Provides a clear understanding of how to create SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) actions which underpin efforts toward achieving Silver awards.

Understanding and adopting an intersectional approach to Athena Swan and the Race Equality Charter

Provides a clear understanding of intersectionality, and how to adopt an intersectional approach in your own equality work.

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