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Race Equality Charter

Race Equality Charter

Improving the representation, progression and success of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students within higher education.

Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter (REC) provides a framework through which institutions work to identify and self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers standing in the way of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students. Member institutions develop initiatives and solutions for action, and can apply for a Bronze or Silver REC award, depending on their level of progress.

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Whether you are ready to apply or would just like to find out more, complete the form below and we will email you an information pack with links to everything you need.

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Guiding Principles of the Race Equality Charter

The Race Equality Charter is underpinned by five fundamental guiding principles.

  • Racial inequalities are a significant issue within higher education. Racial inequalities are not necessarily overt, isolated incidents. Racism is an everyday facet of UK society and racial inequalities manifest themselves in everyday situations, processes and behaviours.
  • UK higher education cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of the whole population and until individuals from all ethnic backgrounds can benefit equally from the opportunities it affords.
  • In developing solutions to racial inequalities, it is important that they are aimed at achieving long-term institutional culture change, avoiding a deficit model where solutions are aimed at changing the individual.
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students are not a homogenous group. People from different ethnic backgrounds have different experiences of and outcomes from/within higher education, and that complexity needs to be considered in analysing data and developing actions.
  • All individuals have multiple identities, and the intersection of those different identities should be considered wherever possible.

By joining Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter, institutions are committing to following these principles in how they approach race equality and address their institutional culture. Once an institution has signed up to the REC by sending in their letter of commitment, they will need to submit their application within three years.

    Applying for a Race Equality Charter award

    Advance HE Membership provides access to the Race Equality Charter. Once your institution is a member you can then apply for an institutional Race Equality Charter award.

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    REC members networking event

    The upcoming REC members networking event on Tuesday 9 November 10:00-13:00 BST is an opportunity to shape the future direction of the Race Equality Charter as we embark on its enhancement in light of the independent reviews published earlier this year. The networking event will be an opportunity to re-consider the REC Principles and to present the REC Strategy to members for reflections and discussion.

    Please note you will need to log-in to your Advance HE portal to book onto this event and be a REC member. Click here to check if your institution is a member of the Race Equality Charter.

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    More about the Race Equality Charter

    Apply for the Race Equality Charter award

    Transform race equality in your institution.
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    Institutional members and the awards that they hold.
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    Bringing their academic expertise and backgrounds in race equality to support and champion the Race Equality Charter principles.
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    Panellist and observers

    Information on becoming a panellist or observer.
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    Frequently asked questions about REC.
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    Good Practice Initiatives

    REC good practice initiatives in higher education institutions.
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    REC development updates

    The 2020-21 review provides the opportunity to ensure the Charter remains ‘fit-for purpose’
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    The Race Equality Governance Committee

    Race equality in higher education is boosted by a new governance committee set up to provide assurance, expert advice and guidance to the Advance HE Board for the development of the Race Equality Charter. Advance HE has appointed 12 members, including two co-Chairs, to the new Race Equality Charter Governance Committee with a wide range of equality, diversity and inclusion skills and lived experience.

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    Recent REC Bronze Awards

    Three new REC Bronze Awards that recognise the start of the journey to advance race equality in higher education are conferred to the University of Lincoln, Abertay University and the University of Hertfordshire in the latest round of results for the Race Equality Charter (REC).

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    Race Equality Charter resources and FAQs

    To make it easier for you to find everything you need, we have moved our guidance, application form and additional resources to support your Race Equality Charter award submission into an easily downloadable information pack. Just fill in the form below and we will send you an email with everything you'll need. 

    We also have an extensive FAQs section which contains answers to commonly raised questions about all aspects of REC, from submitting your application to results. 

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