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GDP: Induction to Higher Education Governance for New Governors

This one-day event provides an opportunity for new Governors to come together to understand their roles and responsibilities as members of the governing body.


This will provide new governors in higher education institutions with the necessary background, briefing and understanding to enable them to perform their duties and act as an effective member of the governing body.

The event will introduce attendees to the higher education policy environment and the consequences of recent and ongoing policy developments and debate for the role and responsibilities of a governor, and how institutions face current and future challenges. 

Attendees will receive a comprehensive overview of governance approaches and policies across higher education institutions. They will have the opportunity to learn from the valuable experience and expertise of current governors in various areas, including the student experience and the intricate relationships between university management and governance. This knowledge will enable you to effectively hit the ground running and make a meaningful impact as governors.

This is a standalone 1 day event, which takes place twice during the academic year. 



Who is this event for?

This event is designed to support and prepare those new to higher education governance for their roles and duties, and to inform individuals who might be considering embarking on a governance role within their institution.



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There is a 5% early booking discount for bookings made before 31 July 2024 on this service. This is in addition to a 25% discount if your organisation is an Advance HE member.

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Enable you to understand your role and responsibilities as an HE governor and gain knowledge of the structure and responsibilities of a governing body.   
  2. Enhance your understanding of the HE policy environment.   
  3. Improve your skills as a governor and how to effect change.  


Evolving higher education governance brochure

Our new Evolving higher education governance 2023-24 brochure details our support for boards, governance professionals and individual governors. Find out more about our consultancy and enhancement services, the dates for our Governor Development Programme 2023-24 and upcoming exclusive content and projects for Advance HE members.

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The agenda for this conference is still being drafted and will be released in good time before the day of the event. 

While the sessions for this event are not yet confirmed the day is likely to run from 09:30 to 13:00.



Speakers and presenter for the event are being approached and will include experts from Advance HE and experienced policy and governance professionals from higher education. . 

Aaron Porter

Associate Director (Governance)
Advance HE
Aaron leads on Advance HE governance activity through the delivery of our national Governor Development Programme which engages with around 900 governors across the UK on an annual basis. He has extensive experience leading reviews of over 25 governing boards. Aaron was previously President of the National Union of Students (NUS) and also chair of trustees for the organisation.



This event will be delivered virtually through Zoom, with joining instructions sent out by the governance team two weeks before the day of the event.

Along with the joining instructions and links delegates will receive a copy of the programme, with finalised timings, topics, and speakers.

The event will be delivered as as a series of presentations, discussions and panels, with time after each for questions and comments.

For any enquiries regarding the event please contact the Programmes and Events Team at:



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Rachel Hewitt HEPI

Three key lessons for new governors

Rachel Hewitt, HEPI’s Director of Policy and Advocacy, advises new governors on how to navigate the policy environment

"I'm new to the sector so it was a great introduction to the differences and similarities in governance"

Beverly Shears, Independent governor, De Montfort University