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Member projects 2022-23

These projects provide the opportunity for members to collaborate with each other and Advance HE on contemporary challenges faced by the sector to co-create new and practical solutions.

Member projects will run throughout the membership year. Projects are listed below; for projects that are not yet live, you can register your interest to receive updates when the project launch. 

Details of this year's projects can be found below. 

Membership Benefits 2022-23

Advance HE membership packages feature a wide range of benefits including Member Projects and Accreditation Options.

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Advance HE brings together staff and students in different roles, different institutions and different countries, across a huge diversity of highly relevant and useful topics. They are the springboard for very exciting and developmental conversations".

Feedback from a 2021 member project event.

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Member Projects

Beyond Flexible Learning

Supporting members to apply the learnings from recent years to design, and deliver flexible and mixed-mode learning that works for their students in their contexts.
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Tertiary Education: Navigating Complexity

Comparing different and divergent national approaches and helping members consider their own context and the possible implications and opportunities.
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Good Campus Relations and Freedom of Speech

Helping members to create inclusive institutions and improve campus relations between different groups, whilst supporting and protecting freedom of speech and academic freedom.
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Authentic Assessment in the era of AI

This Member Benefit Project includes a webinar, 'Higher Education in the era of AI: Navigating the opportunities and threats' and a tweet chat session.
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Student Outcomes

This work will focus on student outcomes and what success looks like for different stakeholders. We will support members to inform education strategies, demonstrate value for money and maximise outcomes for all.
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Sustainability: Realising the Ambition

Sustainability will act as a lens for all member projects in 22-23, helping our members take strategic action to progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a sustainable future.
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Leadership for the Future

Exploring and understanding the emerging challenges for leadership in HE alongside the ongoing development and evaluation of the HE Leadership Survey and Framework.
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International Higher Education: What Next?

Global uncertainty has caused many institutions to re-evaluate their strategic direction and ambitions. The impact on international student numbers and experience, a growing focus on SDGs, along with a realisation of the potential for mixed-mode education prompt a reconsideration of traditional approaches.
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Governance Effectiveness Projects

Our Governance Effectiveness Projects include a focus on ‘Academic Assurance’ to explore what the future Board KPI dashboard might look like. We are also re-running the ‘Supporting Inclusive Boards’, which we initially ran with GuildHE last year.

Governance Effectiveness Projects: Academic Assurance

This is the collaborative project between Advance HE, UUK, CUC and Guild HE which aims to convene the sector to understand shared challenges and approaches to academic assurance.
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Governance Effectiveness Projects: Supporting Inclusive Boards

Our second network series for supporting board diversity, in support of the higher education governance community.
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Governance Effectiveness Projects: The Board's Role in ESG and Sustainability Oversight

The sandpit event aims to convene participants from different disciplines to discuss challenges and uncover creative or innovative solutions to offer new ways of working or thinking about a particular issue.
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