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Teaching and Learning

Enhancing teaching and learning in higher education

Strategic areas of priority key for change The quality of teaching in higher education has never been more important. This has created an opportunity to reflect in depth on multiple aspects of our current policy and practice. Both celebrating best practice and recognising opportunities for future development, but ultimately aspiring to achieve sustainable teaching excellence.

Working together to address your priorities

Delivering effective change

A holistic approach to student success may be achieved by addressing a combination of the strategic priorities outlined below in an integrated programme of activity:

Embedding Employability

How you help to prepare graduates for life beyond university is something at the forefront of multiple stakeholders’ minds. Effectively embedding employability both in the curriculum and within your extra-curricular provision is key.
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Transforming Assessment

Assessment and feedback impacts on staff time, university reputations, league tables and, most important of all, students’ future lives. It is at the heart of many challenges faced by higher education providers today.
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Student Retention and Success

Retention and attainment involves inclusion, ensuring the full and equitable participation in and progression through HE for all students.
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Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

Enterprise and entrepreneurship education can add value to the learner’s journey, whether they are interested in starting their own venture or being enterprising when working for someone else in the private, public or voluntary and community sector.
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Flexible Learning

Flexible learning is about empowering students by offering them choices in how, what, when and where they learn: the pace, place and mode of delivery.
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Internationalising higher education

Promoting a high quality, equitable and global learning experience can help prepare graduates to live in and contribute responsibly to a globally interconnected society.
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Student engagement through partnership

At its heart, true partnership is about applying well-evidenced and effective approaches to learning, teaching and assessment with a commitment to open, constructive and continuous dialogue with our student communities.
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Education for sustainable development

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is an interdisciplinary approach to learning that covers the integrated social, economic and environmental dimensions of the formal and informal curriculum.
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Technology enhanced learning

The use of technology to maximise the student learning experience is a vibrant area of interest across all tiers of global education.
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Mental wellbeing in higher education

Institutions should strive to maintain the optimum wellbeing of its staff and student population by providing the appropriate tools and support to allow them to engage productively with the learning experience.
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Tailoring your priorities across specific disciplines

Whether you're working with us across a range of disciplines or within a specific disciplinary area (Arts and Humanities, Health and Social Care, Social Sciences, STEM), we will shape our services to meet your needs, supporting you at an individual, departmental, faculty or institutional level.

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Student Success Frameworks Series

Best practice frameworks, informed by research, developed with the sector for the sector

The issues impacting on student success are broad and complex, having a shared point of reference and common language to discuss, shape and review policy, process and practice can therefore be an extremely effective way of applying a consistent methodology to leading change. Engaging with our research informed frameworks in combination, will help identify smarter ways of working. This is achieved through identifying synergies between key strategic priorities that all underpin teaching excellence and the aspiration to support student success in its broadest sense.

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“The Advance HE  [formerly the Higher Education Academy] frameworks are evidence-based and provide the higher education sector with a national reference point to enable the institution to develop its own approach according to local circumstances as well as benchmarking performance.” Universities UK (2016), p.73, Working in partnership: enabling social mobility

UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)

Working with individuals and institutions in higher education (HE) to provide students with an excellent learning experience is core to what we do at Advance HE. This is why we manage and lead the development of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), a nationally-recognised framework for benchmarking success within HE teaching and learning support. We believe that the UKPSF is essential to driving improvement in, and raising the profile of, teaching and learning in HE.

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