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Research Leadership Development Programme

Developing confident and authentic leaders to promote an effective research culture

The Research Leadership Development Programme addresses the challenge of contemporary research leadership by developing confident and authentic leaders who are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to promote effective research culture.

This highly interactive and discursive programme focuses on the leadership of initiatives and teams that develop, enhance or transform research in higher education, acknowledging that the key to successful transformation is inclusive and engaging leadership, teamwork and collaboration.

This programme is only available for an institution to purchase for delivery in-house.

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Who should attend?

The programme is aimed at mid-career researchers who wish to develop their research leadership skills, share practice, ideas, and engage in opportunities for networking and collaboration. This may include those leading research initiatives and/or teams within departments, schools and faculties. The programme welcomes participants from all disciplinary backgrounds.

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Programme delivery

The programme consists of three half-day modules:

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Module 1: Me and my research

Individual agency, influencing, being inclusive, and making a difference.

Module 2: Our team

Coordinating research activity, project management, grants and funding, leading with integrity.

Module 3: Institution and culture

Strategy and planning, enterprise and innovation, supporting change and contributing to performance.
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Adding to Advance HE's support for research leaders

The RLDP programme adds further to Advance HE's support for research leaders. It runs alongside the highly established, Research Team Leadership (RTL) programme. RTL is a highly focused and practical two day programme with learning outcomes linked to the application of key leadership and management skills. Key differentiators of the Research Leadership Development Programme (RLDP) include:

  • the programme incorporates further elements of equality, diversity and inclusion and research leadership
  • it is aimed at those in Co-Investigator or new Principal Investigator roles. It is also useful for those returning to research leadership after a period of absence
  • it is a large scale programme involving participants from many different institutions and disciplinary backgrounds
  • the programme is focused on the link between individual research leadership, teams, and culture.
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Programme team

Advance HE
Sandy Sparks
Sandy is a professional development consultant with over 25 years of U.K. and international experience. She has worked in both the private and public sectors, with extensive Higher Education (HE) experience.

Dee Nicholls
Dee has been a management development consultant and educator for over 40 years and has been domiciled in England since 1991. She is multilingual and has travelled extensively. Educated in the Philippines and Japan, Dee’s academic background is in Psychology and Counselling.

Advance HE
Stella has a PhD in Social Anthropology, MA in Higher and Professional Education, and BSc in Psychology. She holds professional certificates in Training and Education Development; and Leadership and Management.

Advance HE
Davina Whitnall has worked in Organisational Development for over 20 years and draws on her experience to support learners in realising their potential. Her approach is ‘hands-on’ and she is clearly passionate about the training she delivers and develops.

Selvi Jeyaseelan is a PhD-level physiologist and clinical trialist, who has been involved in researcher and research group development for over 20 years, in the UK, Africa and the Caribbean. Throughout this time, Selvi has mentored researchers to effectively manage the demands of a research career, creating an environment for success without compromising on work-life balance.
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