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Internationalising higher education

Key projects, resources and ways you can connect with internationalisation

Internationalising HE is a transformative and continual process of sector-wide concern. Learning, teaching and research, and the interconnections between them are centrally important. 

Promoting a high quality, equitable and global learning experience can help prepare graduates to live in and contribute responsibly to a globally interconnected society. Everyone within HE can make a valuable contribution to the process of internationalisation, working in collaboration as an international academic community. Individuals bring a plurality of identities, cultures, languages and experiences that can enrich and enhance learning, teaching and research. Thus, responsibility for internationalising HE is shared among organisations, individuals and curriculum.

Advance HE framework for internationalising higher education

Our framework for internationalising higher education is an integral part of the Advance HE Student Success Framework Series. Developed with the sector for the sector, the series covers key thematic priorities that impact upon the quality of teaching and learning in HE. Advance HE frameworks provide a shared point of reference and common language to shape and review policy, process and practice in order to enhance student success.

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Internationalising HE

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Advance HE has been supporting higher education sectors across the globe to develop their transnational education (TNE), in partnership with institutions across borders and the development and quality of overseas campuses.

We co-design programmes of work with education ministries, sector organisations and individual institutions to support their internationalisation goals. We can review barriers and drivers to success, convene partnerships and develop roadmaps for TNE development.

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