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Research Team Leadership

Enhance your capabilities as a research leader and nurture your career potential.

Effective leadership is critical to the success of any team. For those new to a research team leadership role, developing the necessary practical skills combined with the requirements of meeting research delivery objectives can be particularly challenging. This programme addresses the unique issues caused by the conflicting demands of teaching and administration within a research team function.

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Developing the leadership skills of both research professionals and academics.

Research Team Leadership is designed to develop the skills of research team leaders by providing a pragmatic framework to equip them with the skills to lead with confidence in an increasingly challenging research context. The programme offers a variety of solutions and approaches to team building and gaining co-operation from colleagues, using techniques to enhance team equality, diversity, depth and clarity.

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Booking deadline: 30 April 2020
Start date: 14 May 2020
End date: 15 May 2020
Location: London

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You come away feeling completely refreshed with a completely new perspective that feels comfortable for you."

Professor Jane Powell, Professor of Public Health Economics, University of the West of England

How is the programme delivered

Research Team Leadership is a two-day programme, where participants:

  • Undertake pre-work to enable participants to develop a vision for their research career and assess their leadership in a range of research team functions.
  • Take part in a series of interactive and practical sessions which includes a mixture of exercises, discussions, demonstrations and presentations, aimed at developing their team leadership skills.
  • Consider different approaches to leadership in a research context, including: team building, running effective team meetings, resolving conflicts, vision and action planning.

What are the programme outcomes

The Research Team Leadership programme allows participants to reflect upon their personal vision for their research career in terms of the role of a Research Team Leader. They will review what it means to take on a team leadership role, how to engage in team working and team building, and practice relevant key leadership skills such as listening.

By the end of the programme, they will have considered and prepared an action plan that will enable them to implement their learning to enhance research activity within their institution.

The programme will particularly benefit individuals and institutions preparing for REF submissions and looking to enhance research performance and outputs.


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