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Good Practice Grants 2020

Good Practice Grants (GPGs) provide Advance HE members with an opportunity to develop and share innovative practice with us and the wider HE sector.


The 2020 Good Practice Grants helped members develop and share innovative practice which might not otherwise attract full funding support within a university or higher education college.

Previously, funding was available in the form of Advance HE's Small Development Projects (SDPs), which were launched in 2004. In 2020, this funding was offered to all Advance HE Members in the UK and Ireland in the updated form of Good Practice Grants.   

Following the successful adoption of new formats for SDP outputs in 2019, including infographics, film and animation, the Good Practice Grant projects for 2020 utilise similarly creative approaches and mediums.

Outputs from these projects can be found below.


We are no longer accepting applications for Good Practice Grants. However, the 2021-22 Collaborative Development Fund supports the development of our members by addressing key sector challenges together, through a series of five projects.

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Through showcasing examples of good practice, we believe that everyone can benefit from the shared learning experiences of individuals and teams from our member institutions, encouraging the sector to share, connect and collaborate.

Michael Parker
Head of Membership and Networks,
Advance HE

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2020 Project outputs

The Good Practice Grants 2020 Project outputs can be accessed by advance HE Members below.

Building belonging: Developing religiously inclusive cultures for Muslim students in higher education

This project report offers guidance on how to foster a sense of belonging for Muslim students in higher education. This report may be of particular interest to institutions regardless of the make up of their student populations in order to be accessible and more inclusive to all.

Maisha Islam, Researcher, Centre for Student Engagement

University of Winchester

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