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Development Programmes

Structured development programmes to support HE professionals at every stage of their career.

Professional development at Advance HE is dedicated to developing those at specific stages of their career. We have mapped our programmes to the seven stages of the Development Pathway that follows a career in HE. Each opportunity has been designed to promote sharing experiences and best practice, develop peer support networks and provide a global perspective.


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Programmes by the Advance HE Development Pathway

New to HE

Programmes for those looking to develop knowledge, skills and contextual understanding, particularly aimed at staff tasked with delivery of teaching and learning or those with leadership responsibility who are new to the sector.

Grow Your Skills

Designed for those at an early point in their careers, or new to their role, looking to build knowledge, skill and understanding.

New to Leading

For those who are new to leadership within HE, whether in academia or professional services.

Excellence in Practice

For those with some experience of leadership and designated areas of responsibility, looking to further develop skills, knowledge and understanding.

Preparing for Senior Leadership

Development opportunities for those new to leading a professional service or academic team or function such as Heads of Department, Associate Deans, Assistant Directors or Heads of Services, or those looking to step into these roles.

Senior and Strategic Leadership

Development opportunities for those in leadership positions reporting to an executive level in either academic or professional services roles such as Deans, Pro Vice-Chancellors or Directors.

Executive Leadership

Enhance your leadership capacity and consolidate your understanding of the dynamic HE landscape.

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Find out more about the Advance HE Development Pathway and how it can help you with progression in your career in HE.
Advance HE Development Pathway

Advance HE Programmes and Events Prospectus

Whether you are near the start of your career, an academic, a member of professional services, or a senior leader who is a member of your institution’s executive team or in governance, we have timely and tailored development opportunities for you. You can find details on the full range of programmes, events and conferences in our Prospectus. 

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