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Advance HE has a strong programme of conferences throughout the year for all engaged in HE, whether leaders, practitioners or Governors, supporting institutions at all levels. The benefits of attending are significant for the participants, their teams and institutions.

Attending an Advance HE conference gives you the opportunity to hear about the latest developments in policy and practice from global leaders, from both within and beyond the HE sector. Each offers an opportunity to gain insights from the work of others, as well as solutions and actions for your own institution. Posters, workshops, presentations and Ignite sessions allow you to showcase the innovative work taking place at your institution to peers internationally, increasing the global reach of staff publishing and presenting their work.


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Conferences 2020-21

Governance Conference 2020

Virtual | 20 November 2020
This year's governance conference under the theme 'Transforming Governance for a new normal' will be delivered online. The conference will provide a mixture of live keynote presentations, on-demand recordings as well as panel discussion, debate and opportunities for virtual networking.

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STEM Conference 2021

Virtual | 28 January 2021
Rethinking STEM Higher Education. The 2021 STEM conference will provide an opportunity to reflect on, learn from, and further progress our responses to the COVID-19 crisis, to ensure that our approaches to STEM education are more resilient, effective and inclusive and to identify the new opportunities that have arisen from the pandemic.

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Women in HE Conference 2021

Virtual | 25 February 2021
Despite comprising the majority of staff working in UK higher education, women remain underrepresented at the most senior levels and the challenge to increase the pace of change remains.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2021

Virtual | 16-18 March 2021
This conference will bring together the annual Advance HE EDI conference with the biannual Scottish conference into a three day conference with the theme – Courageous conversations and adventurous approaches: creative thinking in tackling inequality.
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Advance HE International Conference 2021

Virtual | 14 April 2021

New for 2021, this one-day conference will look to address some of the most pressing global issues facing HE today.


Surveys & Insights Conference 2021

Virtual | 28 April 2021
This conference provides an opportunity to discuss and debate the potential of insights from surveys, metrics and qualitative research.

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Leadership Summit 2021

Virtual | 20 May 2021
Bringing together sector leaders and leadership thought leaders, this unique summit will provide a thought-provoking environment to explore contemporary challenges and differing perspectives of leadership with peers across the sector.

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Student Engagement Conference 2021

Virtual | 26 May 2021
New for 2021, this one-day event will focus good practice in engaging students, the student voice and student participation in the governance and decision-making processes.
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Mental Wellbeing in HE Conference 2021

Virtual | 18 May 2021
Delivered in collaboration with MWB in HE, this one-day conference will address issues of mental wellbeing across all aspects of higher education.

Degree Standards Conference 2021

Virtual | 1 June 2021
New for 2021, this one-day event will focus on the OfS-funded Degree Standards project and the outcomes of the project.
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The Next Steps for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Advance HE's Inaugural Conference in Ireland

10 June 2021
The Next Steps for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – From inclusive leadership and culture to embedded equitable practice.

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Teaching and Learning Conference 2021

Virtual | 6-8 July 2021
This sector-led conference provides attendees with the chance to share ideas, research good practice and innovations, to find out whether the challenges and solutions from other disciplines could inspire innovation in individual and institutional practice.

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NET Conference 2021

University of Bath | 1-3 September 2021
NET Conference addresses all areas of healthcare education across all healthcare professions.

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