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Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership

Develop the personal resilience, emotional intelligence and creativity needed by those operating at a strategic level in higher education.

The development of an effective strategic leader in the volatile and challenging HE sector is rooted in their ability to connect with the institution’s purpose. It is through this connection that an effective leader can manage organisational change, develop emotional intelligence and personal resilience, handle sensitive issues and proactively engage in strategic response to sector issues or provocation.

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PSSL 34 and 35 - Now open for bookings

PSSL 34 - Module 1 1-2 March 2022, Module 2 11-12 May 2022

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PSSL 35 - 14-17 June 2022 

PSSL 35 Booking information

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Explore and develop your leadership identity

Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership provides a unique opportunity for new and aspiring senior institutional leaders to explore and develop their leadership identity. Framed by the Connected Leadership model, it is structured around four key leadership intelligences; emotional, social and political, cultural (or narrative) and inclusive. Through both theoretical and practical application of these, Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership addresses the question of how to connect people with purpose; a key stratagem to creating successful strategic leadership.

Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership is an excellent programme, which helped me put personal experiences and academic learning into context within the wider issues of strategic leadership. The networking opportunities offered with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds and institutions is invaluable and is still maintained – long after programme has finished!"

Lorri Currie, Director Student Affairs/Head of Student Finance and Financial Support, University of Greenwich

How is the programme delivered

Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership is a four-day programme consisting of:
• Workshops
• Group work
• An interactive forum theatre session
• Simulation exercises
• A 360-degree diagnostic
• Action learning sessions

What are the programme outcomes

The Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership programme provides participants with the opportunity to develop and reflect on their leadership identity. Participants will learn how to use narrative and stories to engage with their organisation and its people to develop shared purpose and collective commitment. This provides participants with the skills to manage change and sensitive issues, develop effective influence and negotiation skills and drive cultural development. The programme also provides an opportunity to plan personal development through group interaction and 360-degree feedback data.


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