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Unlock your senior strategic leadership potential with PSSL

19 Mar 2024 | Sarah Hubbard Ahead of the next residential Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership (PSSL) Programme, Sarah Hubbard, Senior Consultant, Leadership, Organisational Development and Research, explains how it equips aspiring senior leaders in higher education to thrive in a dynamic and complex sector landscape

Are you ready for your next step as a senior strategic leader? 

The Advance HE Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership (PSSL) Programme is an immersive experience designed to equip aspiring senior leaders in higher education with the tools, insights, and mindset needed to thrive in today's dynamic and complex sector landscape.

"A well-planned, thought-provoking and fun interactive exploration of leadership; excellent facilitators helped develop skills in practical workshops - will definitely recommend to others." Participant, PSSL 38

One of the standout features of this programme is its focus on preparing for strategic leadership.  What does this look like in action?  I can share a glimpse into the transformative experience I witnessed during a recent cohort's final morning of the four-day programme.

Their task was time-limited yet substantial: tackle a current and complex strategic challenge. Working collaboratively in groups, participants delved into the depths of the issue, guided by insights from three sector-leading experts in attendance for the session. It was so powerful to hear from colleagues currently co-leading their institution’s respond to this challenge and their commitment to cross institutional and sector collaboration to address it. Through interactive sessions and thought-provoking discussions, participants honed their strategic thinking skills, ultimately presenting holistic and innovative solutions. What truly impressed was the unwavering integrity and commitment displayed by each group to respond to this real-world challenge, as well as their ability to synthesize diverse perspectives into actionable strategies.

The programme's design fosters interactive learning, challenges assumptions, and fosters creativity. Group work facilitates peer learning, cultivates resilience through shared experiences and provides opportunities for networking and the development of long-term relationships.  

“It has …opened up a fantastic new network of university professionals across the UK and from a broad set of teams in the academy and professional services, who I know I will use as sounding boards, support and feedback for a long time.” Helen Groenendaal, Director of Student Life, Royal Holloway University, PSSL 38

The faculty team has a deep understanding of the current higher education landscape, which invites participants to engage in meaningful learning opportunities focused on topics such as strategic planning, change management, and organisational culture. Leadership in action isn't just about theoretical knowledge, it requires resilience, emotional intelligence, and the ability to navigate complexity. That's why action learning and personalised coaching are integral parts of the PSSL Programme. Whether you're seeking guidance on career advancement or looking to overcome specific challenges, our experienced team is committed to providing tailored support every step of the way.

“I can easily believe that in five- or ten-years’ time I'll look back on this course and see that it transformed everything I did afterwards.” Ben Lishman, Associate Dean (Education and Student Experience), London South Bank University, PSSL 38

In conclusion, the PSSL Programme isn't just about taking the next step on the ladder; it's about seizing the opportunity to transform. I look forward to you joining us on this journey and redefining strategic leadership in higher education.

Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership 39, Residential Programme in Warwick from Tuesday 11 June - Friday 14 June 2024

We will be delivering PSSL 39 in a residential format, running over 4 days and 3 nights. PSSL aims to develop the personal resilience, emotional intelligence and creativity needed by those operating at a strategic level in higher education.

PSSL will enable you to reflect upon and develop your leadership style and understand how to draw on your strengths and values to act authentically as a senior leader.

Booking Deadline: 30 April 2024



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