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Diversifying Leadership

The programme will explore themes of power and influence, demystifying leadership, cultural identity and cultural capital, increasing your visibility and authentic leadership.

COVID-19 update

The next cohort of the Diversifying Leadership programme is open for bookings however the start date for Module 1 has been postponed until 23 September 2020 (previously 22 April 2020).  The revised application deadline for the programme is 9 September 2020.   You can view details of the current status of all our upcoming conferences, events and programmes here. You can also view our coronavirus (COVID-19) updates page for the latest information and advice.

There is a clear under-representation of from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds (BAME) leaders in HE institutions in the UK at all levels but particularly at senior levels. There is also documented evidence of the poor experiences of many BAME academic staff in UK HE including experiences related to leadership roles.

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Diversifying Leadership 11

Start date: 23 September 2020 (previously 22 April 2020)
Application deadline: 9 September 2020

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Tackling the under-representation of BAME leaders in UK higher education institutions

The Diversifying Leadership programme is designed to support early-career academics and professional services staff from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds who are about to take their first steps into a leadership role. It explores themes of power and influence, demystifying leadership, cultural identity and cultural capital, increasing your visibility and authentic leadership and features leadership stories from high-profile HE leaders.

Ready to apply?

If you are ready to start the application process for Diversifying Leadership, you can download the personal statement form here and the sponsor statement form here.

How is the programme delivered

The programme comprises three one-day face-to-face workshops, a facilitated action learning set and access to online resources as part of the programme.

Module 1: Leadership, 'BAME leadership' and lessons from the labyrinth.
Module 2: Leadership, power and influence: changing the game.
Module 3 (Action learning set): Speaking actions into existence.
Module 4: Leadership tomorrow: vision, voice and visibility.

"The benefit of Diversifying Leadership is that it uses an 'asset model' approach to combine four key elements: preparation through a series of challenging development activities; collaboration through action learning with peers; reflection by providing space between modules to think and act strategically; opportunity through access to a sponsor."

Jannett Morgan, Programme Director, Diversifying Leadership

What are the programme outcomes

The programme requires the participant to be supported by a sponsor. Institutions wanting to build a more diverse leadership pipeline will gain leaders better equipped to navigate organisational culture with a clearer perspective on their own potential – and the potential of others – and how to access it. 

Participants will have explored concepts such as ‘authentic leadership’, allowing the self-identity of their own leadership style and role as a leader to emerge, as well considering their motivation and influences. The programme enables exploration of various elements of leadership and has been designed to provide a safe place in which to discuss issues relating to their experiences of working in HE. As a result, participants build confidence, feel empowered and expand their professional strengths.

Diversifying Leadership longitudinal study

Cracking the concrete ceiling: Tracking the impact of the Diversifying Leadership programme (Full report)
Cracking the concrete ceiling: Tracking the impact of the Diversifying Leadership programme (Full report) View Document


As part of the programme, participants are required to secure a sponsor from within their institution who will support them during the programme and potentially beyond. The time commitment will be negotiated between the sponsor and the participant.

Role of a Sponsor 

Sponsorship is a special kind of relationship in which a more senior colleague provides structured support which may include:

  • creating research productivity;
  • career advice & guidance;
  • navigate internal politics & structures; and
  • provides access to projects

The Sponsor also uses his or her influence with senior members of staff to advocate for the participant. 

Sponsor Toolkit

The Sponsor Toolkit is an additional resource for sponsors, consisting of web-based materials and interactive support. It has been made available to ensure sponsors have a better understanding of the specific issues facing BAME early career leaders and are confident to carry out their role in championing them. The toolkit is informed by relevant academic literature and good practice on sponsorship and the experience and development of aspiring BAME leaders.

Diversifying Leadership Sponsor Toolkit
Download Resource

Diversifying Leadership Sponsor Toolkit



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Diversifying Leadership - Application Pack

Whether you need more information or are ready to apply this application pack gives you all the information that you need.

Please complete the form below and we will email to you the application form, confirm the deadline for your completed documents, and include contact details for your submission and if you have any questions about your application.

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