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Transforming leadership for a new world

Confident, capable leaders adapt, grow and diversify their talents, their teams and their institutions to respond to future challenges.

Changing geo-political forces, adapting to a post-Covid world, increasing competition and the need to build new relationships all call for a different kind of leadership that builds and sustains inclusion. Confident, capable leaders adapt, grow and diversify their talents, their teams and their institutions to respond to future challenges. We will create pathways to leadership that build a more diverse pool of leaders and enhance the skills and cultural competence of existing and future leaders.

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The Academic Leadership Programme was very useful because after the workshop I am able to perceive problems more easily and also to react to them better, maybe more lastingly. I am grateful to the organizers for a new network of like-minded companions with similar challenges.”

Assistant Professor, Dr. Franc Dimc, Vice-Dean for Academic Aff airs, University of Ljubljana

How we support leaders

We understand that no two institutions are the same and that is why we use a partnership approach to our consultancy and enhancement service to understand your challenges and develop interventions tailored to your context and goals. 

We can support leaders across the following areas:

Developing and delivering strategies

Institutions, large and small, are today having to be strategically responsive to a multitude of external and internal factors, some of which can be forecast whilst others are hard if not impossible to predict. Covid-19 has put strategy into sharp focus, stress testing existing strategies in changing environments, and in some cases rewriting them entirely. We can support you to both develop and adapt a visionary strategy robust enough to withstand uncertainties in the external environment, but also implement and embed strategies into action across the organisation.

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Transforming culture

The sector has faced and will continue to grapple with, the need for rapid change in light of the external environment. Advance HE’s support encourages strategic agility in reframing your purpose and the delivery of core activities for future success. We believe transforming culture and cultural perceptions within organisations provides the true essence of sustainable strategic change.

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Helping grow and enhance institutional leadership capacity

Strong leadership at all levels plays a key part in ensuring the continuation of that success, alongside effective management practice and efficient use of resources. Our wealth of experience, the quality of our delivery and distinctiveness is threaded through our portfolio of services in developing new and existing leaders. Using diverse and immersive experiential learning techniques, our portfolio provides participants with the opportunity to develop their leadership capabilities.

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Developing academic leaders to support teaching and research

Delivering high-quality teaching, learning and research is at the heart of HE. In order to achieve this, confident and capable leadership is required. Using in-house development programmes such as our Academic Leadership Programme we work with HE systems and institutions to develop those leading academic staff

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Project Success Story - Deputy Heads Appreciative Leadership Programme at Sheffield Hallam University

The University was seeking a leadership learning programme for 40 of its deputy heads, in both academic and professional services roles, across the institution, to include both strategic and operational leadership development.

Designed and delivered by Advance HE, an Appreciative Leadership programme, based on the knowledge that excellent 21st century leadership is appreciative, inclusive and relational, was put in place through a series of workshops, case studies and peer learning, running for nearly 12 months.

"The extended modular approach over which the development took place enabled deeper reflection and learning and working with real-life scenarios (adapted for confidentiality) helped development as a leader and manager.”
Dr Sally Jackson, Chief People Officer, Sheffield Hallam University


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