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Drawing on findings from selected Advance HE reports and surveys, these sessions offer further insights and analysis into correlations between areas such as race, ethnicity and religion and awarding gaps, the student experience and governance.
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Drawing on findings from selected Advance HE reports and surveys, these sessions offer further insights and analysis into correlations between areas such as race, ethnicity and religion and awarding gaps, the student experience and governance. They will feature a panel of HE specialists and student representatives to provide insights into practices that work to address these issues and delegates will have the opportunity to discuss and share their own experiences and concerns within smaller breakout groups.

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Upcoming events

Turning University Education into Flexible Innovation: Experiences from the Pandemic

Date: 7 September 2021
Location: Virtual

This Insight Event, delivered in partnership with the University of Exeter, will explore the process of supporting a university community through the transition of the last 12 months. We will discuss how educators, professional services colleagues and students have been engaged and supported, on the basis of institutional principles which promote local innovation based on foundations of institutional consistency. We will also explore key themes emerging from student feedback, including around belonging and connectedness within a learning community, and the relationship of these to confidence, wellbeing and attainment. Looking ahead, we will discuss the opportunities to address these issues next year and in the longer term, as part of holistic approaches to tackling key priorities such as wellbeing, mental health and the accessibility of education.

This event will be led and facilitated by Professor Tim Quine (Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Education), Professor Janice Kay CBE (Provost) and Professor Rob Freathy (Academic Dean for Students) from the University of Exeter. A full agenda will be published shortly.

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Enabling equality: Furthering disability equality for staff in HE

Date: 25 November 2021
Location: Virtual

This short virtual event will draw on findings the Advance HE report on disabled staff (2011) and the Advance HE Staff Statistical report (2021) and review how the landscape has changed over the past decade for disabled staff in higher education. It will focus on a variety of areas including issues around disclosure, access to work support, and the disability pay gap.

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