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Creating an inclusive environment

Understand the common issues in further and higher education to design inclusive support services, develop accessible campus environments and make everyone feel welcome at your institution.

Accessible campus

The physical environment can create barriers for staff and students. Understand what these barriers are, and how to alleviate them as far as possible

Accessible estates and facilities

People with impairments may face physical barriers to accessing their campus. Providing support and adjustments can remove these barriers and support the development of an inclusive environment.
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Accommodation services

A positive residential environment will help staff and students fulfill their potential. Ensure your accommodation provision supports an inclusive environment.
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Sport services

Maximise participation and inspire people from all protected groups to get involved in sport and exercise.
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Providing support

How to support specific groups to staff and students

Disabled people

People with impairments may face barriers to education and employment in HEIs. Providing support and adjustments can remove these barriers and therefore support the development of an inclusive environment.
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Lesbian, gay and bisexual people

HEIs can make a significant difference to the lives of their lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) staff and students by adopting a clear approach to LGB equality and providing appropriate support
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Religion and belief

Supporting the practice and expression of religion and belief among staff and students
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International staff and students

Develop an inclusive environment for international staff and students
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Trans people

There are growing numbers of trans people working and learning in higher education institutions and colleges. Ensure your institution is inclusive and provides appropriate support.
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Staff and students experiencing mental health difficulties

National statistics indicate that one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.
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Student suicide

Any instance of suicide at a higher education institution must be dealt with sensitively, recognising the impact it will have on friends, family, and the educational community.
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Pregnant students, prospective and current parents

Ensure that your students are not discriminated against on the grounds of pregnancy or maternity.
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Disabled Students Commission

The Disabled Students’ Commission (DSC), announced by the former Universities Minister on 28 June 2019, will replace the Disabled Students Sector Leadership Group (DSSLG).

This new, independent and strategic group seeks to take the DSSLG work forward, with its key priority to advise, inform and influence higher education providers to improve support for disabled students.

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Promoting good relations

Fostering good relations can promote tolerance and respect for diversity across staff and student bodies.

Higher and further education institutions have a legal duty to protect their staff and students from discrimination and harassment and to foster good relations between different groups of people with protected characteristics.

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Tackling sexual harassment and violence

How higher and further education institutions can protect their students from harassment and abuse.

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Case studies

Reasonable adjustments and inclusive education environments.

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