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Support for Fellowship applications

We have a range of services available for those looking for additional support with their Fellowship, Senior Fellowship and Principal Fellowship applications.

We have a number of services available to support you if you are thinking of applying for one of our categories of Fellowship, from our category tool to help you find out which category is most closely aligned to your practice, to online courses and writing retreats designed to help you create an application that fully reflects your practice.

Fellowship demonstrates a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in higher education and provides individuals with recognition of their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning. We award four different categories of Fellowship: Associate Fellowship, Fellowship, Senior Fellowship and Principal Fellowship.

These four categories reflect the wide range of professional practice carried out by individuals who teach and/or support learning in higher education; from those who have a partial role in teaching/supporting learning through to senior professionals with strategic impact on teaching and learning in an organisational, national and/or international setting.

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Find out more about Fellowship categories, the PSF 2023 and recognition of your expertise.

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Next steps

After you have prepared your application by utilising either the Fellowship Application Builder or a Writing Retreat, you can find out more about how to apply for each category of Fellowship in our dedicated Fellowship section.

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Fellowship Category Tool

Not sure which category to apply for? Our Fellowship Category Tool has been designed to help you to reflect on your practice.

After answering multiple-choice questions, which will take around 10-20 minutes, you will be sent a PDF report summarising your responses. The results will help you understand which category of Fellowship most closely reflects your current practice and to reflect on your ongoing professional development and career aspirations.

Use the Fellowship Category Tool
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Fellowship Application Builder

Support for direct Fellowship applications

Advance HE is delighted to offer the Fellowship Application Builder: a six-week online, self-directed course designed to enable individuals to use their experience of their teaching and supporting learning practice in higher education to develop a direct application for Fellowship (Descriptor 2 of the UKPSF).

This fully online course has been developed to provide an accessible and convenient format for you, with a time commitment of 2-3 hours per week. It provides the support and guidance to develop your application for Fellowship (FHEA), to help you as you prepare for submission. Access to the course materials will also be available for a further two weeks to allow you some time to revisit any of the units and activities so that you can finalise your application ready for submission. 

There are six units of study (over six consecutive weeks):

Each unit is self-directed to be undertaken at your own pace, with a synchronous one-hour session taking place between units 3 and 4, this session will be scheduled after enrolment to ensure a convenient time for all participants, including those from different time zones.

Thank you for offering such a useful online workshop to support my application plan. The course is concise, precise and rewarding.
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  • Unit 1: Welcome to the course, Orientation and Introduction
  • Unit 2: Working with the UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF)
  • Unit 3: Writing for success
  • Unit 4: Building your application
  • Unit 5: Supporting Statement and essential components of the application
  • Unit 6: Submitting your application


Please ensure you complete the Fellowship Category Tool before booking a place on the Fellowship Application Builder course to establish which category of Fellowship is the closest match to your current practice.

Fellowship Application Builder

Starts: 24 April 2023
Now open for bookings.
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Want to find out more?

Download our information sheet to find out more about the course. 

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Writing Retreats

Writing Retreats offer the rare opportunity of space and time to think via one-to-one peer coaching and expert analysis to process your thoughts and craft your narrative for your Senior or Principal Fellowship submission.

The writing retreats enable you to engage in critical reflection about your professional practice, influence and strategic leadership in HE. They provide an opportunity to discuss your experiences with others also in the process of completing their applications, enabling you to consider your personal impact, your contribution to the student experience and the academic practice of others.

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Senior Fellow Writing Retreats

Senior Fellow Writing Retreats are an online opportunity for anyone with a sustained record of effectiveness relating to teaching and learning, including leadership or organisation of specific aspects, and who is looking to attain Senior Fellowship (SFHEA).

Held over one day, the retreat offers you the chance to transform your notes and thoughts into an application that matches Advance HE’s criteria for Senior Fellowship, by providing the time and space to progress with your application, receiving expert analysis and feedback in the process.

Senior Fellow Writing Retreat

Date: 28 February 2023
Location: Virtual
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Principal Fellow Record of Strategic Educational Impact Support Session (PFREI)

This support session is aimed at colleagues who are starting the process of completing their Principal Fellow direct application (Descriptor 4 of the PSF 2023), and who need more guidance on the Record of Strategic Educational Impact (RSEI) element. 

This is for highly experienced individuals that lead and have had extensive impact on high quality learning at a strategic level within or beyond an institution, or across a discipline or profession in higher education.  Their impact is extensive.  Principal Fellowship is not role-dependant and individuals need to be able to: 

  • demonstrate a sustained record of effectiveness in strategic leadership of high quality learning; and show that their leadership has had an extensive impact. 

Participants will be asked to complete a template on which to collate their most significant strategic leadership activities drawn from recent practice (normally within the last five to seven years), and will receive constructive feedback in a virtual one-to-one, one-hour session with an experienced Advance HE PSF Consultant / Reviewer to help them progress their Principal Fellow application. 

Interested participants should book their place via the My Advance HE customer portal to receive a directed template to complete and will be contacted directly to arrange a convenient time for a virtual one-to-one session with the reviewer. Member session price £270, Non-member session price £360. 

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Fellowship Consultancy Support

In addition to Advance HE's number of services which help promote Fellowship and support your staff through their applications, we also offer tailored in-house writing retreats that are delivered to align with your specific category and one-day fellowship workshops that aim to prepare a group of staff to make applications for Fellowship at a specific category.

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