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Collaborative Development Fund

New challenges, new solutions. The 2021-22 Collaborative Development Fund supports the development of our members by addressing key sector challenges together, through a series of five projects.

New challenges, new solutions

For the 2021-22 member benefit year, funding will be available to Advance HE members in the form of our Collaborative Development Fund, comprising five projects under the themes of equality, diversity and inclusion, student success, the Professional Standards Framework (PSF), College Based Higher Education and inclusive institutional cultures. The collaborative projects aim to harness the knowledge, experience and innovative capabilities of our members in order to address current challenges within the HE sector.

All colleagues at Advance HE member institutions are invited to apply for the Collaborative Development Fund of between £2,500 and £50,000 (dependent on the project - further details are within the application packs), with projects starting in February 2022. Please share this webpage with your colleagues. 

The funding will support developments in priority areas aligned to our commitments within the Advance HE Strategy and the outputs will be shared with Advance HE’s member community.

Applications for the 2021-22 Collaborative Development Fund are now closed. Project award announcements will be made during January 2022.

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Nick Skeet, Associate Director of Membership and Accreditation discusses the opportunities and benefits of the Collaborative Development Fund for Advance HE members.

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2021 - 22 Collaborative Development Fund projects

Information on our Collaborative Development Fund projects can be found below. 

The Future Student Experience Project

The principal aim of the project is to stimulate debate about the future student experience through an exploration of potential, desirable and less desirable scenarios. Scenarios should be identified through an analysis of the current trends in the sector and consideration of the potential social, financial, technological and environmental drivers and disruptors to identify alternative futures. The outputs of the project will be used to enable members to plan and develop strategies to position themselves to take advantage of changes in the tertiary education landscape and develop the future student experiences that align with their mission and values.

Grant available: up to £24,000
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Inclusive institutions: enabling and supporting culture change

The principal aim of the research is to collate and understand a range of techniques/approaches and lessons learned from members’ current work to transform, enable and support an inclusive culture, ways of working, or delivery of key strategic aims.

The outputs from the projects will provide an evidence base for members of potential solutions which could include a portfolio of case-studies or other resources. The output could include a reflection on common themes, success factors and learning and could be used to inform identification of priorities for areas still to address (by Advance HE or providers).

Grant available: up to £20,000
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Exploring an integrated framework for equality charters

The principal aim of the research is to scope and understand the range of potential benefits, opportunities and risks of developing a single overarching framework for Advance HE’s equality charters (currently Athena Swan and the Race Equality Charter). This includes collating a range of views and evidence on the possibility of such a framework, as well as any existing practice and lessons learned from members’ attempts at strategic integration of equality charters or EDI work more generally, including the work of international members and partners engaged in Advance HE’s licenced equality charters. The aim is to develop a robust evidence base and frame long term recommendations for how the UK sector should invest in and develop equality charters activity to be more effective, efficient and impactful.

Grant available: up to £50,000
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Utilising the Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning for Strategic Change

The principal aim of the project is to collate and curate a small number of institutional case studies that identify and explain how the PSF has been utilised in institutional initiatives designed to achieve strategic change and/or institutional transformation.

Grant available: up to £10,000
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College-based HE Network: a collaborative space for developing HE culture and practice

The principal aim for this project is to co-create spaces for leaders of college-based tertiary or higher education across the UK to come together and share practices, devise solutions to meet their challenges and opportunities and build stronger links with the Advance HE community. This network will provide a space to link college-based HE providers in all UK nations and deliver on areas of focus that are more prominent in college-based HE, such as the further development of a higher education scholarship culture and the navigation of competing regulatory demands. The network will seek to provide solutions and guidelines to address shared challenges for the benefit of Advance HE’s college members.

Grant available: up to £10,000
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