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Education for sustainable development in higher education

Key projects, resources and ways you can connect with education for sustainable development

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is an interdisciplinary approach to learning that covers the integrated social, economic and environmental dimensions of the formal and informal curriculum. ESD is a pedagogical approach that can help staff assist graduates who wish to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to contribute to an environmentally and ethically responsible society, and pursue a career that reflects those values.

Key guides and publications

Future Fit Framework

Advance HE's Future Fit Framework, published in 2012, is primarily for academics, policy makers and senior managers, whilst support staff who want to know more about ESD will also find it helpful. Useful resources and pedagogic research can be found below that can help higher education professionals to embed sustainable development perspectives and content into their institution and / or curricula.

Education for Sustainable Development Tutor Resource and Activity Series

We also have an ESD tutor resource and student activity series, that is designed to help you incorporate ESD into your teaching practice. These tools were created by Professor Simon Kemp who is an expert in ESD and was named Most Innovative Teacher of the Year at the 2013 Times Higher Education Awards. 

Key Advance HE Research

Guidance and teaching resources