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Race Equality Charter Update

The 2020-21 review of the Race Equality Charter provided the opportunity to ensure the Charter remains ‘fit-for purpose’.

The work to drive out racism in all its forms from our sector is imperative and incumbent on all of us, especially those in leadership positions; though we all have it within our gift to contribute to positive change.

It is intolerable that students or staff in our sector are victims of racism or discrimination, deliberate or unconscious, on account of their race and ethnicity. We must do everything in our power – and it is in our collective power – to drive this out and create inclusive communities throughout higher education and research institutes.

As part of the development of the Race Equality Charter, and with support of the REC Governance Committee, the focus of the development was to streamline, support, engage and create impact. This focus was driven from the independent reviews published in 2021 alongside engagement through our REC members and the wider sector.

The Updated Race Equality Charter

Improving the representation, progression and success of BAME staff and students within higher education.

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The Updated Race Equality Charter - July 2023

Advance HE’s Equality Charters are member-led frameworks, shaped by and accountable to the member institutions which commit to the shared principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. We have centred members’ input and feedback throughout the process of updating the Race Equality Charter framework, including through engagement events and the invaluable contributions and oversight of the Race Equality Charter Governance Committee.

The Updated Race Equality Charter is now available for use by members from the beginning of the 2023/24 academic year.

There is a transition period to enable current members who are already using the original Race Equality Charter materials to continue to do so up to and including the November 2024 submission round.

New institutions signing up to the Race Equality Charter from 1 August 2023 and all applicants from January 2025 will be expected to use the Updated Race Equality Charter materials.

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Results of the Race Equality Charter Update - April 2023

In April 2023 we shared an engagement pack collating the working drafts of the updated application materials which we created from the valuable input of the sector and the Race Equality Charter Governance Committee. We were keen that the sector had further opportunities to contribute before these materials were finalised, so we shared these draft materials for reflection and feedback. We reflected on the feedback gathered from member institutions and shared the finalised materials in Summer 2023.

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Race Equality Charter Update progress

Race Equality Charter updated

A member-led review of the Race Equality Charter simplifies the application and renewal process and reduces the administrative workload, while maintaining the rigour to support members in their work to create inclusive institutions and tackle racism.
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New governance committee for the Race Equality Charter

Co-Chairs and committee members are appointed to govern Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter.
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Advance HE welcomes the Race Equality Charter Review Phase 2 report 

Advance HE welcomes the report from Douglas Oloyede consultants, which adds substantially to the evidence base informing the planned update.
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Race Equality Charter Review: Phase 2 report

Douglas Oloyede consultants publish their findings on the impact and process of the Race Equality Charter.

The Phase 2 report, coupled with the previous independent work undertaken by Dr Nicola Rollock in Phase 1, provides Advance HE valuable understanding of what aspects of the Charter should be explored and developed further to ensure Race Equality Charter members are best supported in their race equality efforts.

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Race Equality Charter Review: Phase 1 Summary

The Race Equality Charter underwent two phases of an overarching review. The first phase was led by Dr Nicola Rollock who is a specialist in racial justice in education and the workplace. Dr Rollock completed this phase of the review in 2019.

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Race Equality Charter